Mexican style stuffed peppers By: Steph

peppers filling

peppers no sauce

stuffed peppers

4- medium green, red, orange or yellow peppers steamed until pliable
2/3 cup prepared Minute Rice Whole Grain Brown Rice (1/2 cp raw)
8 oz. 9% lean ground beef
1/2 cup red onion diced
1/2 cup celery diced
3 cloves garlic pressed or chopped
1 10 oz. can Rotel diced tomatoes (flavor or your choice)
1 8 oz. can Hunt’s no salt added tomato sauce
Seasoning of choice to taste.

Clean and cut tops off of sweet peppers. Place in microwave safe dish and fill each pepper 1/2 way with water. Microwave until just pliable (about 8 minutes). Set aside.

Fix Minute Rice as per directions on box and set aside.

In a skillet, brown ground beef over medium heat with onion, celery, and seasonings (I chose salt and pepper, chili powder and cumin to taste). When ground beef is no longer pink and veggies are translucent add garlic and mix thoroughly. Next add Rotel or Mexican style canned tomatoes and stir. Simmer over low heat for 10 minutes to let flavors meld. Add rice to mixture and stir.

Coat an oven proof pan with cooking spray and 1/2 can of tomato sauce. Add peppers and then fill. Lastly, top with remaining sauce and bake at 350 degrees until heated through. Approximately 15-20 minutes if ingredients are still warm. These can be prepared ahead and baked the next day. They also freeze well.

Makes 4 servings
218 calories, 29 carbs, 6 fat, 15 protein and 6 fiber per pepper.

Hope you enjoy & let me know how they turn out 🙂



One comment on “Mexican style stuffed peppers By: Steph

  1. hootfish says:

    Hello Steph, Had these babies for Lunch and everyone liked them. (Even Pops & he is picky) Thank you for the excellent recipe!


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