Who are Clint and Steph? Just two random people who want to get healthy!

0f798648-3007-471b-9e32-0561e6f67e59wallpaper Clint- Is in his early 40’s. A few years ago he was 565 pounds and had a back problem that left him nearly hopeless in life. The fitness cupid shot him in the big backside and he is slowly beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. He was a 565 pound comedian, salesman and fishing expert. (just ask him) The equivalent of 960 quarter pounders of that weight is gone. He has about 120 pounds yet to lose (2-20-2013) before he takes a shot at those things again. This time as a healthy, average sized dude. This is where he will talk about the rest of his trip and perhaps other hopes and aspirations. Welcome!

Steph, is a 39 year old wife and mother of 3 (17, 10, & 8 years old). She works from home as a Child-care Technician…ok so she does home day-care. Steph has been overweight since the age of 6 and had food struggles for as long as she can remember. I wouldn’t say that the Fitness Cupid got to her but, more that fear and shame kicked her in the rear. Steph began on 01/02/2012 at 325 pounds and has currently lost a total of 142 pounds as of 02-20-13. Ok breaking news…prepare to agree, disagree, love, hate, support, despise but, she had VSG (Vertical Gastric Sleeve) surgery in July of 2012 after losing about half of her current total loss. With the goal being 28 pounds from here. That is the equivalent of…well…142 pounds of stuff gone. (btw, Steph is daunted by the entire math “process”. So please field all mathematic questions to Clint.) She is currently enjoying the magical acts of bending over to tie her shoes without passing out, looking down and SEEING her much cuter and oddly smaller shoes not her belly, being able to hide from the kids in smaller places (somehow they always find her), and becoming a kickboxing legend!!! (In her own garage when no one else is there anyway. She dares you to ask the heavy bag who’s boss!) Steph intends to share a little of her journey to this point, some random thoughts…okay A LOT of random thoughts, some recipes, a few “side effects” that come with major weight loss (some good, some odd, some gross, and some difficult), and the rest of her journey. Thank you for joining us.

Clint and Steph met on a diet/fitness website and have different, strategies, food choices, workouts, personalities, and zip codes. They share the common goal of wanting to change their life. Another person who is totally different in every other aspect of life, can be a brother or sister in this battle with the scale. So like any good brother, sister-ish duo would, they will probably disagree, give contrary advice, bicker, tattle, compete, tease, throw a few punches (Steph will always win as she is the garage kickboxing legend!), however they will always support and motivate each other (hopefully you too) forward.


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