Excuses, realizations and a little recap of the past two weeks.

I am the first one to admit that I am often full of excuses. See…at least I’m mostly honest 🙂 The thing is it’s so stinking easy to make excuses. It’s too hot, it’s too cold, it’s raining, it’s sunny, it’s February, it’s October, blame it on Barney, blame it on Fred.

The past couple weeks I have been workout impaired. I mean I was so busy with playing softball, party planning for my daughters high-school graduation, support groups, Father’s Day, Christmas in June, ok not really but, you get the point. Right? Well those are EXCUSES. I could have gotten my lazy booty out of bed and worked out in the mornings. I just didn’t. I will be remedying that very soon. I pinkie promise.DSC_0077 DSC_0133

This week I came to a realization as well. I am way closer to my goal weight than I had imagined. I guess part of me knew this but, was scared to admit it. I know that many of you would look at me and think, “There is still a lot of weight to be lost. But, honestly if I take into account the “skin” issues, I really don’t have a lot to lose. I have definition to gain and muscle still to be built but, in all honestly not a lot of weight left to rid myself of. I have a friend online who was in the same size clothing as me and weighed a bit more to begin with but, was also several inches taller than me. She had skin removal surgery on her torso. She went from a size 14 to an 8-10. She looks phenomenal now but, she looked pretty spectacular before too. That put a lot into perspective for me. Because when I looked at her before surgery pics we were pretty similar in size. So, I studied a picture of myself and came to the conclusion that I would like to lose about 10-15 more pounds vs the 25-30 I had in my head. It’s almost scary to be this close to something I’ve never known. Honestly this weight I am currently holding at is uncharted territory for me as well. I wasn’t even this small in Jr. High. LOL I just used the word “small” to describe my size. I understand I am far from “small” but, it still made me smile a little!

This is the picture I tortured myself with by dissecting every part of my body! As I said, there is a definite need for a few more pounds gone in the midsection but, there is also a lot that I am incapable of changing without surgery in that same section, as well as in my arms (super hero wings)/thighs. parkI’m actually ok with how I look and I’m not ashamed of the things I can’t change. I have worked my butt off for this “extra empty skin”. I would rather have it and be healthy than be unhealthy and have firm skin.

For my next trick I will do the common yet never old refrain of….I have no time to cook, we have to eat fast food or grab-n-go stuff like sandwiches or cheese and LOTS of crackers. There is no time to eat healthy without cooking two meals. One for me and one for Joe and the kids.

I call POPPYCOCK on myself. Just to prove it I made a run to the grocery store, cooked dinner, and cleaned up on the clock. Since I work from home, I didn’t time my trip to the store only the trip into the store and home. I had to get creative with these times because, I again, work from home and bought these groceries earlier in the day so they were already here when I went to cook, I wasn’t just walking in the door. However, I have 8 kids here and it’s not like I am not just as busy as someone walking in the door after work.

So here’s my meal plan and some times for you. Steak fajitas, salad, fresh avocado, and watermelon cubes.

10 minutes in the store to grab an avocado, tortillas and premade pack of fajita meat/veggies. (That’s all I needed for this meal.)
5 minutes to drive home.
10 minutes prep for; romaine, tomato, avocado, and watermelon. Plus had the pan warming up on medium high heat.
5 minutes from start to finish throwing meat/veggie mixture in hot pan and sautéing it. I heated a good skillet nice and hot so I didn’t have to use any oil.
2 minutes to assemble the plates AND take the pictures of the finished product.
5 minutes to clean, two knives, a spoon, cutting board and one sauté pan.
Dinner is served. So I put a healthy, delicious, versatile meal for me and my family, on the table from store to mouth, in less than 40 minutes. If I had preplanned this meal and had the ingredients on hand, it would have been under 25 minutes. Serve it on our fine china (aka heavy duty paper plates) and you won’t even have to load the dishwasher afterward. I chose real plates because, well…I like them!

I know you are thinking 15 minutes to order, pay and drive home with McBurgerBell. But, think about it like this…mine took a little longer but, I just saved myself the next 24 hours of berating myself for making crappy food choices for dinner! I don’t need a half bottle of antacids to sleep because, the mock food keeps revisiting me. PLUS…I saved money!

For my husband’s I used a regular sized plate, and added tortillas, light sour cream and cheese. For my own I used a salad plate and added light sour-cream and shredded Mexican blend cheese, skipping the tortilla. The romaine was topped with diced tomato and avocado with salt, pepper and light Italian dressing (I wanted lime over it instead but, ahem…someone forgot the lime at the store. You really just can’t find good help these days! Okay fine…it was me.)

A couple things I will admit about quick cooking. I spent a bit more on the fajita mix than I would have if I’d just premade my own, seasoned them and stuck packets of them in the freezer to pull out (which is my future plan). You could easily purchase precut fruit but, I am cheap…okay in the good frugal kinda way not the hoochie kinda way, and I refuse to pay 3x as much for precut fruit that’s already soggy from sitting. I would have used pre-shredded romaine but, I already had the head of romaine and wasn’t going to waste it. The avocado at $1.50 was a bit of a splurge too but, well worth the price as it was quite delicious(…shut up Clint!) and added a lot of flavor to the salad plus healthy fats and vitamins.

Nutritional breakdown for my entire meal 2.5 oz meat, 1.5 oz veggies, 1/2 cup romaine, 1/2 tomato, 1/2 small avocado, 1 tsp. light Italian dressing, 1 TBL light sour cream, 1 TBL cheese and 1/2 cup of watermelon:
337 calories, 21 carbs, 21 fat (11 grams of a healthy fat from avocado), 22 protein, 7 fiber, 10 sugar

Hope you come up with your own quick, easy and healthy meals for busy nights. Just think, if we spend a little more time in the kitchen making dinner instead of a lot of time at chain fast food restaurants making excuses, maybe, just maybe when our kids are grown, they won’t be blogging about their weight loss struggles and how awful their parents were for feeding them unhealthy food. I mean sure they’ll still end up in therapy blaming us for everything else but, at least we’ll have ONE win in our pocket!

Stay cool people 🙂



Do You Believe In Karma?


I do not normally believe in some things I can’t really see. For instance the jinx. Apparently when a major league pitcher has a no hitter going in the 7th inning you are not suppose to talk about it, so you do not “jinx” it. I honestly think that is stupid. I am the guy that is telling everyone in the world that I think will care. Sometimes the guy finishes the perfect game and sometimes he does not. Either way it has nothing to do with me other than the fact that I really like baseball. Do not even get me started on unicorns………

Last night I had an accident. I passed out near a large flight of stairs for reasons that are still unknown. I woke up at the bottom with no clear indication of what took place in the fall as it was not witnessed and as I stated I was passed out.

My body though can serve as kind of a map for the event. I took a fair amount of trauma to my head, face, both wrists, my right hand, nose, both thighs, my chest and my left calf and my right shoulder.

Because I watch the TV show C.S.I. I feel qualified to speculate that the only way I could have hurt all those parts in a 20 step fall was by falling backwards and flipping at least once and ending on my face at the bottom.

There was enough blood and initial horror to warrant a call to 911.

I had the whole experience as well, including that very annoying neck brace thing that stayed on for over three hours and influenced the invention of some fine curse words in my head.

At the hospital I became more concerned as the medical personnel were taking it much more seriously than I was in my head. Pretty much all the trauma folks were on hand and I should point out they were all very excellent and comforting.

My awesome Milwaukee Brewers shirt given to me shortly by my sisters after spring training this year was cut off of me. The look on the nice ladies face indicated she could tell by the look on my face that the fact that was happening was a bum-job for me. It was, but oh well.

The hospital experience lasted over five hours and included at least 10 pictures in the x-ray machines. It seems they looked into every possible problem I could have.

When it was all done it revealed I have a black eye and bruises on all the places I mentioned above. And that is it!

Sweet baby Karma, you sure are a good looking young lady.

Now to tie it all into this blog in a way hopefully a few people will care about.

Three years ago when I began the journey I am on I mapped out the plan of attack. It included learning, tracking. exercising and being 100% positive about everything in my life. I am talking glass-half-full all the way.

I am not suggesting I was an a-hole before or that I was 90% cranky B.H. (before health) I am just saying that now I look at the bright side of everything and I do not argue with people or randomly act like a jag because I can. It serves me so much better and I have many less days that I wouldn’t call excellent.

I do believe that I got lucky as a lottery winner last night because of something to do with karma. (insert unicorn jokes here)

I also think that the physical transformation I am making is happening in large part to being positive and refusing to not look for the good at all angles. I think that is the key bringing it together. Try it!

Use that advice friends, it is excellent. Cheers – Clint

Week 6 C25K completed YAY…Then there’s the emotional eating binge….

I guess I should start with the good stuff. I got out there today and completed Week 6 and my first 22 minute run…which may not seem like much since I just did 20 minutes last Friday but, to me it felt at least 2 minutes longer.

Honestly the run was good but, my head wasn’t in it at all. I kept wanting to quit and then telling myself, “No you will not quit!” I waged that internal war the entire time and it had nothing to do with the physical aspect of the run. It was just that I was angry at myself and a little emotionally down.

Wow, that’s the good stuff…not much to work with there.

Ok so, here it is. Today is the one year “anniversary” of losing my Papa. It hit me as I was filling out cheer forms for my Ebby last night. I had done really well with my eating and exercising this week and was feeling pretty good. I knew this was coming and it hit me hard when I woke up Monday morning but, I got past it and moved forward. Monday was a difficult day but, I didn’t get crazy with emotional eating or anything like that.

My First Christmas with Papa :)

My First Christmas with Papa 🙂

My Last Christmas with Papa.

My Last Christmas with Papa.

(I look like my Papa and it’s not just the hair! 😀 )

Last night however, was a way different story. I did well all day and then blew it in the last 4 hours (after I locked on to the date). I ate 4 Keebler cookies, a 2 oz. cup of ice cream and a snack bag of Pirate Booty all in the final 4 hours of my day.

This morning I got up to workout and instead made a toasted piece of Cinnabon cinnamon burst bread. Then 45 mins. later I had another slice! 25 minutes later I grabbed a packet of Bel-vita breakfast biscuits and ate half of it as I was leaving to take the kids to school. When I walked back in from drop offs, I ate the rest of the packet. I was reaching for more carbs when I realized what I was doing. I went out and ran my final day of Week 6 and tried to clear my head. It sort of worked, at least I am focused on what I was doing by feeding my emotions but, now I have to deal with the carb cravings from my mini-binge and the emotions of the day. I prayed during my run but, my prayers were a jumbled mess. I know God hears it all and sorts it out. I know He knew what was in my heart before I prayed it. Still struggling a bit though and I can’t seem to let it go.

Sorry this isn’t a more positive post but, it’s the truth of my day. I know I will get past this and it’s a “moment” but, right now I just am not feeling sunshiney and happy.

I hope you all have a blessed weekend and enjoy your family and friends. Get some workouts in and burn those cals!


Grilled Salmon Burgers: An Excellent Summer Option!


I purchased these babies last Tuesday and have been waiting for the rain to go away. Grilling in the rain sucks. Today was as nice a day outside as I can remember this year.

I have sworn off traditional Wisconsin cookout food. This seemed like a perfect way to compromise, and as it turns out, it was.

It was both yummy and pretty excellent to take a picture of. When you consider anything I have ever had to do with from culinary point of view, this is as Ina Garten as I get.

The Details:

Wild Atlantic Salmon Burgers (Ocean Eclipse)
1/2 Multi-Grain Bun
A Slice of Tomato
Hand full of Excellent Sweet Potato Fries
.5 TBS Mayonnaise
1 TBS Mustard
4-6 Grilled Asparagus (Try them without the olive oil is my advice)

The Damage:

309 Calories
10g Fat
40g Carbs

The sodium content is a little high but a few extra glasses of water will help get rid of that without problem. Unless you have a Green Bay Packers-Chicago Bears type of hate towards fish I recommend giving this excellent feast a try.

Enjoy and Cheers – Clint