Getting back on Track and making it easy for myself :) By: Steph


Ever noticed that you can totally eat within your calorie goals and not come near eating healthy? Well I have noticed it and so has my body! I started in January 2012 by upping my protein, lowering (not eliminating) my carbs, switching to whole grains, adding fruits and veggies, weighing and measuring my foods, logging every bite that went into my mouth on a fitness website (where I met my amazing co-blogger) and exercising a minimum of 4 days per week. Slowly the carbs have reached out, grabbed me by the ankles and sucked me back into their twisted and delicious world! I don’t mean healthy carbs I mean empty carbs like crackers, sweets, candy and white breads. They are my weakness I am a junkie and I need a 47 step program that concludes with a very large man following me around with a mallet and smacking me over the head everytime I count out a serving of crack…ers!

I am rededicating myself to my original plan. I allow “fun foods” in moderation but, maybe 15% of my diet rather than 85%. So this weekend I went out and purchased quality foods that I enjoy and that will help me to head in the right direction. This morning I cooked and measured out lunches for the rest of the week and cut a tray of veggies for the whole family. I grabbed some healthy and yummy “dips” for the veggies, such as single servings of hummus and 100 calorie packs of guacamole. I bought my favorite oranges (Cara Cara best oranges ever!), kiwis, bananas, apples, and grapes. I prepped everything so it’s grab and go. Jerky for when I feel the need to “snack” and a mix of dried cranberries, blueberries, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and edamame which I sectioned off and weighed out before putting them in a ziplock snack bag and putting my single servings back in the original container so I don’t “graze” as I get my snack out. Did I just reveal my OCD personality to you??? I feel so positive about this day of prep pushing me to eat healthier not just in calorie range. Plus my fridge is too full of all this healthy junk that I’d have to store any fun foods in the washer and dryer and that’s just weird!

I played amatuer photographer and will be modeling my food choices for your viewing pleasure. The second pic is my beautiful veggie tray and the first is my lunch (low sodium teriyaki chicken breast with steamed veggies a Cara Cara orange and my herbal tea). Feel free to drool, ooohhh and aaaahhh at my 240 calorie lunch packed with 17 grams of protein! What, you want to hire me as your personal chef??? Oh okay as long as you pay me an embarrassingly naughty amount of money! LOL Okay so it’s a simple lunch but, it makes me happy! I’d show you my happy dance but, then you’d know I have no coordination and you might abandon me!

Here’s to an awesome week of renewed focus and health!



Wild Saturday Night By: Steph

I wish I could say I did as well as my counterpart Clint on Saturday. However I failed miserably and you know what? I’m ok with it! I am not boo hooing, I am not throwing in the towel, I am not jamming bamboo under my fingernails. I’m just living my life. I am enjoying the new found ability to pick myself up dust myself off and move on. That’s a huge thing for me. In previous times I would have declared myself an incredible failure, pouted and ate until I was ready to pop. Then, the next day, week, year, decade, would be spent saying, “I will begin again on Monday!” You know how many Monday’s came and went until the next true effort was began.

Saturday was a blast, I ate too many carbs, drank a few too many drinks and laughed so hard I thought I was going to wet the barstool! I caught up with an old friend, my hubby made a new one and truly enjoyed myself. My husband and I flirted and held hands, knees, etc. under the tables and bar. We laughed about things that weren’t really funny and had a date night to remember. It’s a great feeling to know I can go off “plan” and have a night of freedom and come back strong!

Both Clint and I did something out of the ordinary and enjoyed the company, food and time out of the house. Then we both came back to our individual plans. Two entirely different people, two entirely different plans and two successes!

Hope you rocked your weekends as well.

~Steph 🙂

5oth Anniversary……….

Is it possible to be inspired by a somewhat common event? Yes I guess it is and it happened last night. I drove to the big city (Madison, Wi.) with my parents for dinner out to celebrate the 50th anniversary of my mommy and pops. We were meeting my sister and her rock star husband for a fine meal.

The joke was on us. When we arrived we found many of my brothers and sisters there for a surprise anniversary event. The night simply could not have been more perfect. (prostitution is not legal and I can’t eat chocolate) Well in retrospect my live far away brothers and sister not in attendance would have added to the excellence.

Things were fairly surreal. My lovely and crabby mommy was happy and smiling non stop. She even played along with the jokes and shenanigans. My pops who is funny in spurts was charming and funny for three hours continuously.
He even did an impromptu 5 minutes of sit at the table comedy to end the fest.

My sister who is the “family planner” had all the right things in place including a sweet cowboy hat tagged “groom” and mommy had this delightful white hat thing with a veil labeled “bride.”

All the kings horses and all the kings men were nice and interactive and just enjoying the shit out of each other and the moment we were living.

My nephew “Pork Chop” even showed for the shin dig! Beat that!!!

How inspired you may ask? Enjoying life and wanting more of it is how………..

I did step out of my “health realm” and even ate a little naughty food. The spinach ravioli’s were magnificent! Just most of a serving and a little salad with this raspberry stuff poured on in moderation.

I passed on the excellent wedding cupcakes. Had fun watching pops destoy his though………………good stuff!-Clint

Enjoy The Stink-Fish!

I admitted to being weird in a recent post. I meant it in a different from the obvious kind of way. Weird in a way that if I was driving on a country road and I saw county highway DD I would giggle even though I am 42 years old. Not weird like the crazy uncle who has a litter box in his house and no cat.

Now that I cleared that up let’s talk about fish. Also known in my personal friendly group as stink-fish. Stink fish is becoming a go to in my weekly menu. I have always eaten it but until recent times I did not think I really liked it. What I liked was all the tarter sauce crap I slam dunked on top up it.

When forced to give that up due to my lifestyle change I was only eating the fish for health reasons. Not much enjoyment involved in those dietary transactions at all. A few weeks back I went Alexander Graham Bell on the situation and “invented” a tarter sauce substitute with health in mind.

The winning recipe revealed itself when I jammed one of those little, tasty mandarin orange “cuties” into a smoothie making blender thing and splashed a little sriracha hot sauce in it. That stuff is pretty tasty.

Yup, another free tip!




The invention of Sweet Potato Fries

I was going to wait a while to reveal that I have a good amount of weirdo in me. No use being one though if you can’t act like one. I love sweet potatoes! Never did before. Probably had only eat 2 or 3 in my life until 6 months ago. I just didn’t like them. Tasted kind of yucky. Then I read of the nutritional value and decided to experiment with them.

I like to use the word invented in a pretty liberal manner. I invented healthy sweet potato French fries…..cough cough.

Slice one of them babies up in a French fry looking manner. Spray that no calorie cooking stuff on them. Season them with wonderfully excellent Mrs. Dash seasoning stuff of your choice. Bake them puppies for 30 minutes at 350 and rotate once.

If you do not like them that is fine as I do not discriminate against people for having poor taste. I doubt that will be your conclusion though.


One diet for everyone? By: Steph

I am not much for Super Foods unless it’s like delicious zero calorie cheesecake with a cape and tights. I mean I enjoy some of the selections quite a bit but, don’t always get caught up in the food of the moment. I don’t read a lot of “weight loss” books. I did read Dr. Phil’s book a few years back and learned that my inner fat child just needed to suck it up and diet. That worked for about 5 1/2 minutes or so. I understand where Clint is coming from though. We all get caught up in something that helps us get through this maze of eating, feeling, flailing around in the dark and somehow finding the way that best works for each of us. I will never knock what works for someone else. You want to know why? Because it’s WORKING for someone else. We are slightly diverse people in case you haven’t noticed because, you’ve been locked in a cave the past several thousand years. Stay supportive of each other. Don’t judge how your friend is losing, unless it’s truly dangerous as my kids would say…”Zip it, lock it, put it in your pocket!” That’s called not shoving YOUR opinion down someone else’s throat. We are all doing this because, we are not happy with the current size of our pants or state of our health. We are family…sing it people and hug that lady next to you eating lettuce and a lemon wedge for lunch!