Carbs? Who needs em? ~By: Steph

20160614_094639This is me enjoying my protein iced coffee. Yummy, better than any toast or crackers. Carbs, who needs carbs?  Not me.  I do daycare.  No stress eating there. Easy peasy. See…I didn’t get struck by lightening! Also, remind me not to drink in public.  Does my forehead always wrinkle up like that when I drink??? Why has this never been pointed out to me before.

Okay, I love my job.  I love my kiddos.  They make me laugh, keep me on my toes, drive me crazy and at times exhaust me.  Making meals for mini noise makers and serving up snacks, is tough when you’re trying to eat right and not graze.  Maybe if I fed them seafood, liver, lima beans, and canned peas, I wouldn’t be tempted to sample a bite or two. I totally see the kids responding well to that menu. Anyhow, today, that is my struggle.  I’m not hungry, I’m truly not.  I just want to eat.  Instead here I am blogging during naptime to keep myself from messing up my day!

Have you ever noticed that your kids push your limits right when you are on the brink of snapping?  The second day without carbs is definitely NOT the morning to push your mother!  Kids got up this morning, ran on time, left for their summer program. Then 5 mins. later I get the call. My son is asking me to load the daycare kids up and bring him his glasses that he forgot.  My response was, “I can’t I have kids here and 2 more on the way.  I need to be home for drop offs.” I was calm. I was nice.  I told him that they could walk back and grab them since he was still close to home.  Yeah. Then he did it.  “Thanks Mom, never mind I guess I don’t need them even though I can’t see anything in class without them.”, was his response. Right before he hung up on me.  Whew…deep calming breaths.  Who pays for the phone you just hung up on me with? Who do you think you are being a smart@$$ with me when I am not the one who left their glasses at home?  Where are you going to live when I kick your little butt out?  Let’s hear you say, “never mind I guess I don’t need them”, when I set all your video games on fire with a can of Aqua Net and a bbq lighter! Hmm…I think I was justified in my irritation.  Maybe, maybe not.  However, I also may have been a tad more fired up than I would have been if I’d had a mouthful of crackers.  By the way, he’s grounded from his phone until he learns to be respectful on it. Don’t fear, no bonfires and homeless son. GOOOOO MOM.  Wait, am I the only one cheering for myself?  Oh well.  His sister will think it’s a great plan.  Usually it’s her that’s grounded. My little angels.


Yesterday went really well.  I ate healthy and made good choices.  Scrambled egg and a small piece (about an ounce) of steak for breakfast. Celery, jalapeno artichoke dip, grape tomatoes, and turkey for lunch. 1/2 cup of watermelon for snack.  Grilled chicken salad for dinner. Frozen PbFit and banana Triple Zero bites for evening snack. 16 cups of water to round out the day.

Still trying to decide on a dinner tonight but, 2 protein coffee shakes, the rest of my salad from last nights dinner, some watermelon and maybe another yogurt later, are on today’s menu.

20160614_075805Day 3 is usually my rough day when I’m kicking the empty carbs.  Wish me luck tomorrow.  If you pray, I’d appreciate a prayer for strength.  I know this sounds awful but, I’m dreading Bible study on Thursday.  They always include a dessert.  I’m usually good and bring my own low carb dessert.  I’m not even in a good spot for a low carb, sugar free, dessert at this point.  I need a couple of weeks without that type of food before I can reintroduce healthier versions of them.

I suppose I should go eat my salad while these kiddos are sleeping.  If I don’t I’ll be holding babies while trying to shove lettuce in my mouth, while they try to snatch it out!

Hugs to you all and here’s to fresh starts and people who understand.







Do You Ever Ask Yourself, “Who am I?” ~By: Steph

Today I am in the zone.  Well, my own zone which is not for everyone.  I caught myself in the midst of doing something strange and thought, “Who does this stuff?” I know I’m quirky.  I know I come across as closed off until, you get to know me.  I know I have my struggles.  I know I’m a smart ass like my Papa before me.  I know that I’m a fairly decent wife…YES Big Guy I am! I know that I’m the Meanest Mom in Fresno (M.M.I.F.), just ask my Noodle. I know I am a child of God and that I’m incredibly blessed to be His.

What didn’t I know? Technically I knew these things but, never really thought much of them.  I’m weird, thrifty, totally irrational at times, overly emotional in good and bad ways, and I know that my mind often is like a canoe stuck in a whirlpool. I think in circles and often talk in them too.  Often during a conversation, the worst possible responses pop into my head at extremely inappropriate times and I have to shove them away. I’m pretty sure I get THAT from my Papa too.  He was the sort of guy who said things like, “You’re a good ole hefer.” to the lady who spent an hour dealing with us and hooking my electric account up. Leaving her giggling and blushing.  Anyone else who said it would have probably gotten punched in the nose!  I at least usually have the good sense to think but, not say these things. I’m not as adorable as Papa was so I’m pretty sure I’d get punched.


Yesterday my Big Guy informed me that the container that grinds the Himalayan pink salt, had melted.  I checked the store for a salt grinder to transfer it to.  Totally refused to pay $12 for a new one.  This morning I was staring down that salt grinder and wishing it ill. Ten minutes later I had the electrical tape out and was “fixing” it.  Who tapes a salt grinder back together? Especially when it’s one of those cheapo ones that comes with the salt! Me, that’s who.  Hey, it matched!  You never would have noticed if I hadn’t pointed it out.  I’m fairly certain of that because, most of you wouldn’t have been in my kitchen.

I can not say that without saying this.  Today wasn’t my first rodeo with tape.  Two full years ago, Bailey our sweet little pit mix decided that she was going to help me decorate the house. She decided to eat the back off of BOTH leather end table/storage cubes. You guessed it.  I contemplated buying new ones and ended up breaking out the duct tape.  Taped the entire back of both of them and then to top off my awesome ingenuity…I spray painted the duct tape brown to match the cubes.  We still have them.  I still roll my eyes every time I see the fraying edges of that tape masterpiece.  The couch now has electrical tape on the back of it to close the seam in the leather that the daycare kids were dropping toys into.  I’m the kind of person who really wants new furniture but then I think, “It’s just going to look the same way as the old furniture if I allow the kids to even breathe by it.”  No Big Guy, that does not mean I don’t want to get new furniture! I would prefer it if the Furniture Fairy would drop off some indestructible, free, furniture one night.  Not holding my breath.

I am scatterbrained to the point that I think if you look hard enough you can see my brain jumping around.  In my mind there are always about 15,000 things running around.  Kind of like ants. No not like ants, they are pretty organized.  More like bees buzzing around a hive.  I am also busy.  Who isn’t though?  This is why, I will now confess that this blog was started TWO days ago.  So when I say that I taped the salt grinder, “this morning”, what I really mean is 2 days ago. If my blogs jump around, it’s partly due to the fact that I rarely write more than one paragraph at a time.  More like one paragraph an hour or, six hours, or 48 hours…whatever.

I come across as closed off because, I’m trying to take in all of my surroundings and still speak coherently.  I have a hard time with crowds, windows, background noise, or any other distraction that may be taking place during a conversation.  My co-crazy Becky, likes to shout, SQUIRREL, at me when this happens. I don’t mean to seem standoffish, it’s just that there are so many things happening and that makes it hard for me to focus.  Call it ADD, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, whatever you want.  I call it life.  My Monster Boy was lucky enough to get this from me.

If you’ve ever read my blog you know the “struggles” I have.  I am pretty blessed that God helps me to manage them.  I did not say they are under control. If they were under control, they wouldn’t be struggles, Silly.

I’m over emotional.  Enough said or else, I’ll get mad and cry.

All in all, I like who I am.  That isn’t something I could have said a few years ago.  I am learning to embrace my quirks, my struggles, and my ability to live a joyful life, with them. I have my days, and sometimes they feel overwhelming but, I get through them.  I wouldn’t change them if it meant losing the lessons I’ve learned, the family I have, or my faith in God.

I hope you enjoy your quirks and embrace who you are and where you are.  It kind of stinks to always be looking for something better, or more “normal”, than who you are.

Hugs and go tape something up!












































Random Thoughts On A Random Monday

Hello friends. My personal activity level the last month has been off the charts when compared to the life I have been living the last thirty years. I take that as a tremendous sign of success. I have spent the majority of my life looking for excuses to sit on my butt and watch TV or do anything that didn’t involve effort. The desire to search out things to do is something I doubt I will ever take for granted again.

Today’s project is to complete building a desk for a new business type opportunity I am involved with. My reluctance to have hands on in this project has nothing to do with effort. It is that I have zero aptitude for building of any kind. I once built a birdhouse and thirty years later I am still the only one who knows it was a birdhouse. (including the birds I will speculate)

I am filling the role of go-for with my pops as the project foreman. Pops is a piece of work so I need to tell you that it has been pretty hilarious to say the least. In a short period of time I have “gone-for” three small pieces of sausage. He isn’t hungry. He is drilling through the sausage and using it as a guide to make sure that he does not drill to far into the desk and ruin it. At the same time that he thinks he is brilliant for this move I can’t stop thinking about what I am going to eat for my next snack. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

A bar of soap was his next request. Apparently rubbing soap on the thread of the screw lubricates it and makes it ummmmmm, ahhhhh screw better?

So far in 75 minutes he has proclaimed “you didn’t take shop in high school did you?” at least four times. To be honest I am not always listening so that number may be much higher.

In other news.

I am as happy and positive in life as I have been since way before the new Star Treks came out. Personal perception and attitude are underrated as a skill in my eyes. This fitness site I use called Fitness Pal has an unending amount of commentary running in the community section if one has interest in that kind of thing. I have had that interest lately so I have been checking it out. The attitudes of people in general are shocking and largely disappointing.

One woman pointed out that her “fat husband” was not supportive and he told her to quit trying to lose weight because she did not have what it would take to do it and her “feeble attempt at exercise would only lead to her breaking the floor.”

She went on to point out that she didn’t give a damn what he thought because “the fat bastard took the easy way out with gastric bypass surgery” and that “he is such a loser he couldn’t even make that work and he gained all his weight back.”

I disagree with both of them and feel sorry for the way they act on a public forum or anywhere.

I have rarely found two people I do not know at all to be so unappealing. I suspect neither will find much success in a journey to good health unless they become different people altogether. I guess it is possible.

I bring it up because I am sure that being a good person and thinking glass half full all the time is a big part of why I have now lost 288 pounds.


I am currently in the mode of trying to help anyone that asks for advice or help with losing weight. I am finding it to be a huge challenge because I do not yet know how to explain the attitude/mental part of it. Just telling of the how it worked for me just doesn’t seem to be helpful to many people.

A friend lost 15 pounds in 10 days and remarked that he was frustrated that he only lost 15 pounds in 10 days. He has since lost his way and moved on. My way of looking at things kind of forbids me to get frustrated by this. It does have me thinking a lot and trying to find a way to help make a difference for many people that I care about. That right there is a quest that will continue.

Well, dad’s nap is almost over. Time to get back to the construction site.

My tip for the day. Be nice to people. (and dogs) Particularly the people you love!

Cheers. -Clint

Do You Believe In Karma?


I do not normally believe in some things I can’t really see. For instance the jinx. Apparently when a major league pitcher has a no hitter going in the 7th inning you are not suppose to talk about it, so you do not “jinx” it. I honestly think that is stupid. I am the guy that is telling everyone in the world that I think will care. Sometimes the guy finishes the perfect game and sometimes he does not. Either way it has nothing to do with me other than the fact that I really like baseball. Do not even get me started on unicorns………

Last night I had an accident. I passed out near a large flight of stairs for reasons that are still unknown. I woke up at the bottom with no clear indication of what took place in the fall as it was not witnessed and as I stated I was passed out.

My body though can serve as kind of a map for the event. I took a fair amount of trauma to my head, face, both wrists, my right hand, nose, both thighs, my chest and my left calf and my right shoulder.

Because I watch the TV show C.S.I. I feel qualified to speculate that the only way I could have hurt all those parts in a 20 step fall was by falling backwards and flipping at least once and ending on my face at the bottom.

There was enough blood and initial horror to warrant a call to 911.

I had the whole experience as well, including that very annoying neck brace thing that stayed on for over three hours and influenced the invention of some fine curse words in my head.

At the hospital I became more concerned as the medical personnel were taking it much more seriously than I was in my head. Pretty much all the trauma folks were on hand and I should point out they were all very excellent and comforting.

My awesome Milwaukee Brewers shirt given to me shortly by my sisters after spring training this year was cut off of me. The look on the nice ladies face indicated she could tell by the look on my face that the fact that was happening was a bum-job for me. It was, but oh well.

The hospital experience lasted over five hours and included at least 10 pictures in the x-ray machines. It seems they looked into every possible problem I could have.

When it was all done it revealed I have a black eye and bruises on all the places I mentioned above. And that is it!

Sweet baby Karma, you sure are a good looking young lady.

Now to tie it all into this blog in a way hopefully a few people will care about.

Three years ago when I began the journey I am on I mapped out the plan of attack. It included learning, tracking. exercising and being 100% positive about everything in my life. I am talking glass-half-full all the way.

I am not suggesting I was an a-hole before or that I was 90% cranky B.H. (before health) I am just saying that now I look at the bright side of everything and I do not argue with people or randomly act like a jag because I can. It serves me so much better and I have many less days that I wouldn’t call excellent.

I do believe that I got lucky as a lottery winner last night because of something to do with karma. (insert unicorn jokes here)

I also think that the physical transformation I am making is happening in large part to being positive and refusing to not look for the good at all angles. I think that is the key bringing it together. Try it!

Use that advice friends, it is excellent. Cheers – Clint