Pasta-less Pasta salad~By:Steph

I pinned a recipe for Low Carb Pasta Salad, a while back. I meant to make it and just totally forgot.  A few weeks ago a friend posted a similar recipe on Facebook.  I meant to make it and just totally forgot.  Today, I didn’t forget!

I think I’ve mentioned before that unless I’m baking I don’t like recipes.  I will use them as a guideline but, it drives me crazy following “rules”.  (Sorry kids, you get that from me.  We’ll still blame Dad though.)  So I grabbed a bunch of stuff from the fridge and pantry and set off to make my own version of pasta-less pasta salad.  I didn’t really “set off”, my kitchen is really small so it’s more like I stretched out my arms and put stuff on the counter.  In my mind it was a trek.

I grabbed my hand dandy Veggeti (stupid name but, it works well) and 2 medium zucchini.  Spiralized them and then removed all of the parts with seeds.  They tend to get mushy and no one wants mushy pasta-less pasta salad.  I may have eaten the seed part because, I hadn’t had breakfast and it looked tasty.  I put out a double layer of paper towels and spread zoodles out on them.  Lightly salt them, cover with another set of paper towels then, roll it up like a cinnamon roll.  Okay I know! Who talks about cinnamon rolls while they are blogging about zucchini? Anyhow, I leave them on a cutting board for about an hour.  The salt and paper towels draw out the excess moisture and you get slime-less zucchini noodles.  NOW EVERYONE will want some with that description.

I chopped up everything that sounded yummy to me.  Banana peppers, red onion, 1 oz of light salami, 2 oz of light mozzarella, a couple of marinated artichoke hearts, a few heirloom baby tomatoes halved/seeded, and some yellow onion.  Added a  small can of sliced black olives and the wet ingredients to a sieve and waited patiently.  Okay actually I stood there resisting the urge to smash it all down to make the liquids come out faster.  That is sorta patient.


When the zoodles were ready, I unrolled them from the paper towels, and put them in a serving bowl.  Added all of the now dry and patiently non-smashed goodies to the bowl and mixed it all up.  Made a quick dressing of 1 tsp Dijon, 1 TBL roasted garlic olive oil, 2 TBL white wine vinegar and some seasonings. Italian seasoning, salt, pepper, garlic, and a teeny pinch of crushed red peppers.  Shook the mixture up and topped the zoodle mix with it.  Tossed it with the dressing and ta-da…pasta-less pasta salad.  Well as pasta salady as you can get without pasta. You get where I’m going. Don’t act like you can’t follow.

Pasta-less pasta salad is a fun little phrase.


My salad came out to 7 protein, 6 carbs, and 141 cals per cup.  Yours will depend on what you like and how much of everything you add to the bowl.  My Fitness Pal has a handy online recipe calculator.

Hope you play with your zoodles soon 😉



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