Is your weekend a feeding frenzy? ~By Steph



Yes, that was a sentence, paragraph and dull echo of yawns, all rolled into one word.  Can the weekend possibly already be over with?  I have to say, I had a wonderful, indulgent,  girly weekend!

  1. Mommy and Wild Bee Day.
  2. Hair salon for me, Portuguese bakery for Bee.
  3. Day spa for a facial.
  4. Grad party for Noodle’s boyfriend.
  5. Evening drive all alone with, my Big Guy.
  6. Amazing Sunday morning message at church.
  7. Lunch with some incredible ladies.
  8. Shopping for hours.
  9. Coming home to a house that was cleaned and laundry done by my Big Guy.
  10. Cuddling up on Sunday evening with that same Big Guy ❤

Pretty nice end to the week.  Today I am feeling pouty and sleepy.  My Big Guy is on a business trip as of 5 this morning. Is it possible to miss someone right after you drop them at the airport?  I’m thinking it’s a good sign if I still like him this much after 14 years 😉

I can’t help but, realize that everything on that list would have revolved around a food “treat” for me in the past.  I didn’t even miss that aspect of it. I just enjoyed my weekend and didn’t obsess over what I’d eat next. Pretty cool feeling if you know how it feels to plan your day around what you will eat.  The other part is that I actually did these things.  My weight and my social anxiety were a pretty tight pair of bff’s they liked to skip around, holding hands in a room, locked away, all alone.  Now I may feel some apprehension still but, I go out and do things. I  don’t let my anxiety dictate my life anymore.

*************News flash**************

My wls buddy and great friend, just texted to tell me she hit her goal!  Congrats to you Lucy, you are amazing!!!


Is it harder for you to stay on track during the weekend?  What about when you are around certain groups of people? Do certain events or outings (games, movies, trips, etc.) make you feel like eating?  How do you combat that feeling?  Have you overcome it or do you just allow for a “cheat day” when these things pop up?  Is a cheat day the beginning of a cheat week, month, yo yo of good days and bad days?  Let me know how you handle these things. Even better, let me know someone is actually reading this blog and leave a comment.  Who am I kidding? I write this because, I have too many random thoughts in my head and I need them to jump out.  I don’t actually think anyone reads this!

Hope everyone is having a great beginning to their week!

Is it Friday yet?  Or at least bedtime?








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