The beginning of a new era? ~by Steph

Hmm…August 30th and September 3rd of TWENTY THIRTEEN, were our last blog posts here. Was that the end of an era? Our healthy lifestyles fallen by the wayside? For me, the answer is yes and no, and then yes, then no again, and repeat. I’m not sure exactly what changed or why but, it became difficult to read the words I had written here. It became impossible to come up with any new ones. Yet here I sit typing up a blog entry.

So we can look at it two ways.
A) It only took me 2 1/2 years to write the follow up post to August 30th, 2013.
B) THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF A NEW BLOGGING ERA!!! (I totally said that in the, “LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE”, voice…at least in my head.
Let’s see who my people are…did you go back and reread that in the voice from my head?
B) I’m not sure I should be encouraging others to share my lunacy.

Now that we’ve bonded over the insanity of my thought process, let’s get reacquainted.

I’m Stephanie the 42 year old (ugh…I think I liked 2013’s posts better…I could say I was in my 30’s most of that year.) mother of 3 babies. Okay, they are 20, 13 and 11 years old but, they are still my babies! Noodle, Wild Bee and my Monster Boy I have an amazing, supportive, and sorta ruggedly handsome 😉 husband Joe. I’m a cougar…I am 3 1/2 months older than my Big Guy. Oh, I call my husband Big Guy. I’m hoping you were quick enough to pick up on that little factoid. If not, I’m gonna lose you like I lose my keys, my patience and my mind.

In summer of 2012 I had VSG surgery. Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy is where they go in and remove a portion of your stomach. They don’t reroute any of your digestive system or alter it in any way. So basically I now have a banana tummy instead of a football tummy. I can physically eat and drink anything I want to for the most part. That is a blessing and a curse for sure. I CAN eat bread, cookies, candy, pretzels, popcorn, pasta, and the like. I SHOULD NOT eat these things. This is a lifetime process and I will probably always have to be vigilant about my choices. The food topic will be a whole blog entry of it’s own. See what I did there…it’s a teaser to draw you back in!

Here’s where it gets interesting. I may or may not have a lovely co-blogger named Clint aka Sweet Potato. We shall see if he accepts the challenge of the NEW ERA. He and I met on My Fitness Pal in early 2013 and hit it off because, well…we are both odd and we both want to be less fat and more healthy. Clint is not a wls (weight loss surgery) person. He will have to explain his method to you since well, it’s his method.

Now that we are reacquainted I can get back to the business of spilling my guts to strangers on the internet. I can make you several promises if you come back for more of my chaotic thoughts. I will make you laugh at times, cry at times, question your sanity for even trying to read this blog at times, repeat the phrase “at times” at times, contradict myself at times, confuse you at times, and I will be honest at times all of the time.

It’s good to be back!



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