Declaration:September is Move My Ass Month!

Hello friends. Hope you are all good. Things are awesome on this side of the keyboard. I wanted to speculate that to be clear that this declaration is not out of fear or some sort of weird punishment to myself for any recent issues.

I intend to turn up the exercise heat for a one month period for a few reasons.

The first is to just simply challenge myself. I now know that physically I can do things I once left to “other people.” I am looking at this more as a mental challenge.

My intentions are vague and my expectations are limited.

I intend to exercise in some way a crap-load each day. (six per week actually) A little running, a lot of walking and a bunch of fake bike riding would be the obvious activities. I will probably sprinkle in a little basketball along the way. I am hoping for three hours roughly each day six days a week.

My only expectations are to be tired and to lose weight and to be in the best cardiovascular shape of my life when October first knocks on the door. Seems reasonable.

The other plan is to always take the more challenging route. I will walk towards the hills instead of around them. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and search for the bad parking spot at the Walmart.

I am two days into this thing and so far I feel like I am onto something that is going to be good to me. This is coming off a week of unimpressive exercise because I was feeling run down and uninspired. The initial two days
have actually provided the energy I was looking for and put a dialogue in my head that is 100% inspired.

I am grateful for that.

nobody built like you, you’ve designed yourself – rap dude Jay-Z

I really like that line. I hope you do as well. Cheers – Clint


2 comments on “Declaration:September is Move My Ass Month!

  1. Steph says:

    Always inspiring me with your understated brilliance 😉



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