Do You Believe In Karma?


I do not normally believe in some things I can’t really see. For instance the jinx. Apparently when a major league pitcher has a no hitter going in the 7th inning you are not suppose to talk about it, so you do not “jinx” it. I honestly think that is stupid. I am the guy that is telling everyone in the world that I think will care. Sometimes the guy finishes the perfect game and sometimes he does not. Either way it has nothing to do with me other than the fact that I really like baseball. Do not even get me started on unicorns………

Last night I had an accident. I passed out near a large flight of stairs for reasons that are still unknown. I woke up at the bottom with no clear indication of what took place in the fall as it was not witnessed and as I stated I was passed out.

My body though can serve as kind of a map for the event. I took a fair amount of trauma to my head, face, both wrists, my right hand, nose, both thighs, my chest and my left calf and my right shoulder.

Because I watch the TV show C.S.I. I feel qualified to speculate that the only way I could have hurt all those parts in a 20 step fall was by falling backwards and flipping at least once and ending on my face at the bottom.

There was enough blood and initial horror to warrant a call to 911.

I had the whole experience as well, including that very annoying neck brace thing that stayed on for over three hours and influenced the invention of some fine curse words in my head.

At the hospital I became more concerned as the medical personnel were taking it much more seriously than I was in my head. Pretty much all the trauma folks were on hand and I should point out they were all very excellent and comforting.

My awesome Milwaukee Brewers shirt given to me shortly by my sisters after spring training this year was cut off of me. The look on the nice ladies face indicated she could tell by the look on my face that the fact that was happening was a bum-job for me. It was, but oh well.

The hospital experience lasted over five hours and included at least 10 pictures in the x-ray machines. It seems they looked into every possible problem I could have.

When it was all done it revealed I have a black eye and bruises on all the places I mentioned above. And that is it!

Sweet baby Karma, you sure are a good looking young lady.

Now to tie it all into this blog in a way hopefully a few people will care about.

Three years ago when I began the journey I am on I mapped out the plan of attack. It included learning, tracking. exercising and being 100% positive about everything in my life. I am talking glass-half-full all the way.

I am not suggesting I was an a-hole before or that I was 90% cranky B.H. (before health) I am just saying that now I look at the bright side of everything and I do not argue with people or randomly act like a jag because I can. It serves me so much better and I have many less days that I wouldn’t call excellent.

I do believe that I got lucky as a lottery winner last night because of something to do with karma. (insert unicorn jokes here)

I also think that the physical transformation I am making is happening in large part to being positive and refusing to not look for the good at all angles. I think that is the key bringing it together. Try it!

Use that advice friends, it is excellent. Cheers – Clint


6 comments on “Do You Believe In Karma?

  1. Fatman thinks you might want to lay off the alcohol a while. LOL Glad to see you survived the fall. Still scratching my head how you fall asleep at the top of a flight of stairs. 🙂


    • hootfish says:

      bahahaha, well so far the doc says I have some condition perhaps where my BP drops when I stand up fast and can cause a blackout type thing. I agree with you though. hard to imagine how this happened.


  2. hootfish says:

    Clint, I truly agree that you were blessed with “karma” last night. I seriously burst into tears when I heard what happened but, it was good to find out you were ok. I have these little day-care gates that go at the entrance to staircases. Maybe you need to invest in some of them? They will keep you from future boo-boos. Plus it’s always funny to watch adults try and open them when the kids just basically pop em with eye contact! Zang would like to know if you are narcoleptic as you have now snoozed on the fake radio show and a staircase??? Hmm…


    ~Steph (Zing) & Joe (Zang)


    • hootfish says:

      Those doors are interesting, I hope to find out soon what is up but we all know sleeping on the fake show could be something else…..thanks you guys BTW as you know, you are the best.


  3. Overboard_Eater says:

    Wow! so glad to hear you are alright. that is scary stuff. I’ve had some dizzy spells getting out of the car usually or from standing up at my desk too fast but never actually passed out, and after seeing your pics I am really glad for that. The most amazing thing is your attitude – well done!


    • hootfish says:

      hey, thanks a lot. If you are having the same thing, the ER doctor told me it may be a condition called orthostatic hypotension. The BP drops when you get up. It has to do with the heart and can be treated with medication and should be taken seriously. (obviously) Good luck with your issue.


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