Grilled Salmon Burgers: An Excellent Summer Option!


I purchased these babies last Tuesday and have been waiting for the rain to go away. Grilling in the rain sucks. Today was as nice a day outside as I can remember this year.

I have sworn off traditional Wisconsin cookout food. This seemed like a perfect way to compromise, and as it turns out, it was.

It was both yummy and pretty excellent to take a picture of. When you consider anything I have ever had to do with from culinary point of view, this is as Ina Garten as I get.

The Details:

Wild Atlantic Salmon Burgers (Ocean Eclipse)
1/2 Multi-Grain Bun
A Slice of Tomato
Hand full of Excellent Sweet Potato Fries
.5 TBS Mayonnaise
1 TBS Mustard
4-6 Grilled Asparagus (Try them without the olive oil is my advice)

The Damage:

309 Calories
10g Fat
40g Carbs

The sodium content is a little high but a few extra glasses of water will help get rid of that without problem. Unless you have a Green Bay Packers-Chicago Bears type of hate towards fish I recommend giving this excellent feast a try.

Enjoy and Cheers – Clint


One comment on “Grilled Salmon Burgers: An Excellent Summer Option!

  1. Steph says:

    How about a San Francisco Giants/Los Angeles Dodgers, kind of hate for fish? Does that count? Anyway, I would say that is excellent photography and it looks like a delicious dinner if I didn’t know it was fish! Nice blog đŸ™‚



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