Size 72 to 46 and Counting

Hello friends. I have been the absent blogger for a while now. Just wanted to stop in and proclaim hello.

I do not really have a reason for not writing on here other than nothing excellent or interesting to say in recent days. Things are going rather well.

Today I had a simple yet awesome experience. It was take no longer used clothes to church for a yard sale day. Many very large pieces of clothing went in search of new homes. I hope someone who needs them finds them at a reasonable bargain. As a long time big dude I know big clothes cost big money.

Most of my shirts were on the ridiculous side. Loud, obnoxious and colorful. Probably not all that stylish but I would have found them to be a great addition three years ago.

My pops was also taking some clothes in. I borrowed a pair of jeans and gave them a try and as it turns out size 46 is pretty much my size these days. They will still make it to the church but will have a pit stop with me for a few months first.

One of the great things about losing weight is putting on a new size and realizing the progress you have made over the last few months. It kind of lifts you up and allows you to focus on the mission at hand.

The last time I went down in size was in December. I traded in some 54’s for the 46 today and while I feel very stupid for admitting it I might have checked it out in the mirror more than once.

Have a great day and cheers. -Clint


2 comments on “Size 72 to 46 and Counting

  1. jr says:

    Great Job… No Homo!!! lol I think you may be more of a 44 then the 46….. Just saying…. Keep up the great work….


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