C25K Week 4 Day 2 = Me a little impressed with myself :) By: Steph

Hi runners, readers, and friends!

So, this morning I got up determined to get my Week 4, Day 2 run in. As I mentioned on Tuesday I slowed my pace down to allow me to continuously run in the “run periods”. Today I decided I would pick up my pace for the first two sets of runs and then go back down to the slower pace for the second sets. I wanted to try and work my way back up to the higher pace and increase my distance a bit.

Got on the treadmill and warmed up as always at a 2 incline as it’s more comfortable for me to run that way (plus Clint mentioned it made it closer to running in the “wild” lol). Hit the first run cycle and increased my Tuesday pace a little. Didn’t really feel much difference so I popped it up a couple more. Basically I went halfway between where I was in weeks 1-3 and where I ran on Tuesday for Day 1 of Week 4. This was more uncomfortable than Tuesday’s run but, manageable for me. I did the walk in between and then hit the next dreaded run cycle which is 5 mins of continuous running and the longest I have run in probably my entire life to be honest. I got lost in the music and didn’t realize where I was until my phone indicated I was supposed to be walking again. WOO HOO I felt pretty great about that. Walked and when the run started just automatically went back up to the higher pace again instead of the planned lower one. Long story short I FINISHED all 4 runs at the faster pace. While it’s not as fast as I ran last week for the shorter bursts of running, I didn’t have to stop and walk at all and I felt pretty damn proud of myself.

Still questioning any runners out there as to whether, running at a slower pace to maintain my run is better or worse than running at the faster pace and having to take breaks during the run? I would love to hear opinions from runners, which I am SO NOT! Oh and as you have probably guessed I’m pretty sure I jog not run!

My favorite part was the fact that I went 1/4 of a mile further today than I have at any other point during this program so far. I know it’s not much to some of you but, to someone who has never run and never wanted to honestly, it’s a huge stepping stone to where I want to be. I don’t want to give my actual numbers yet as far as speed/distance because, I would feel crushed if you all told me your 5 year olds walk faster than that backward on their hands. I just want to revel in my continuous run cycles and my extra 1/4 of a mile for a little bit.

Threw in a mini workout on top of it with my day-care kiddos trying to assist me by singing and running around me in circles. 10 mins of bag work kicks/punches, 100 weighted squats, 50 modified push-ups (still sissy style lol hopefully 100 by days end.), 100 weighted rows, 50 bicep curls and triceps either 25 or 50…honestly can’t remember as I was giggling at one of the kids singing in the background to Maroon 5 songs 😛

workout Okay, anyone who has known me any length of time would be shocked that I just put this pic up but, this is me in all my disturbingly sweaty glory after my workout this morning. I lose the shoes for kicking the heavy bag 🙂 I figured I’d be daring and show that I am now proud of the fact that I get all gross and messed up for my workouts. I never would have left my house with no sleeves, no makeup and that hair and here I am posting it on the internet! I’ve come a long way baby!

I have to tell you all that I had the oddest craving yesterday morning. I got up seriously HUNGRY at 5:30. Went to the pantry and dug out peanut butter and old fashioned oats. Measured out 2 TBL (I never eat 2 anymore) and 1 TBL of oats into a tiny dish. Grabbed my spoon and stirred them up and ate it like a freaking bear fresh from hibernation. I swear if it were like a deer, I would have eaten the carcass too! Never had pb and oats like that but, it was delicious and totally hit the spot. Just never thought to have that combo before. I have now found like 500000000 recipes for energy balls involving those two ingredients. So subconsciously I needed energy and God directed me to pb and oats? Hmmm…never know! I did want to smack my 17 year old who kept saying, “Well that’s it, your pregnant!” over and over yesterday. Nobody in this house better be pregnant! Plus she just needs to stop speaking for a while! 😉

Hugs and would love some input,


P.S. Input on the running not the smacking of the 17 year old.


4 comments on “C25K Week 4 Day 2 = Me a little impressed with myself :) By: Steph

  1. Well, I’m still at week 3 so I don’t know if I’m a runner yet… but I can tell you that the trainer on the NHS C25K podcast says to run at a light jog, and that it’s important to keep going all the way through the run. I don’t know if that’s the program you’re using but I thought I would let you know 🙂


    • hootfish says:

      THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Wannabehappycamper 🙂 I was hoping someone would have some advice and to me that makes more sense than having to stop running and walk. YAY Can you tell you told me exactly what I wanted to hear? LOL I’m such a brat.




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