C25K update, eating, losing weight, family time and Salad in a Jar update. By: Steph

First thing I have to start with what is on my heart. Moore, Oklahoma is in pain today and my prayers are with them. I can’t imagine what they are waking up to this morning, if they were even able to rest last night. There is so much to be said and yet, I find myself lacking the words so, I will just PRAY.

I am officially into Week 4 of C25K and completed day 1 this morning. It’s a big jump from last week and I was very worried about my ability to complete the run. I chose to slow down my pace to allow myself to stick with the run and not have to stop for a walk. I am pretty sure that I was passed by turtles and snails this morning but, thankfully the garage was semi-dark and I didn’t have to see them whizzing past my treadmill. I totally kicked the sloths butt though so, at least I can brag about that πŸ™‚ I am trying to not feel guilty about lowering the pace to maintain the run. Anyone with advice on whether this was the right move or not, is welcome to chime in. I will say that my heart rate stayed up nicely and I can definitely feel the extra running in my legs. Those are positives I am happy with. So, come on people give me input. Did I totally mess up by slowing down? Is it better to go faster and have to stop running and walk a few seconds before returning to the run portion?

I have been participating in small daily challenges with the lovely Clint. My favorite workout last week was basically me trying to “guess” what our surprise challenge would be for the day. So, I did 100 (on the exercise ball modified) push-ups (yes I have sissy arms and they hurt for 3 days after), 100 jumping jacks, 100 weighted squats, 100 sit-ups, 100 crossover crunches (that ended up being the challenge), 100 weighted lunges, 50 bicep curls, 50 triceps extensions and 200 kick punch combos to the heavy bag. It was fun playing around trying different things and mixing my workout up plus it was a quick little workout since I had snoozed my alarm WAY too many times that morning. Today’s mini challenge is to watch an online workout video that you’ve never done and complete it. I chose some weight training for my upper body coupled with squats. Who needs to be able to lift their arms the next day? Not me apparently πŸ˜›

Blessedly I am doing pretty well with eating better and getting back to the workout thing. Last week I may not have been perfect in my food choices but, I made a lot more good ones than bad ones. That’s the path to maintaining weight loss for me.

I have lost several of the pounds of regain. Still working towards having a clean slate and getting back to real loss. I have to admit though that I just feel so much stronger and motivated when I am working my plan. It boosts my self esteem and it keeps me focused on the right things.

Sunday we decided to have a much needed family day and headed to the lake. My mom drove the kids while I got chauffeured around on the Harley by my handsome Big Guy. We hung out at the lake and then headed to a nearby town for some lunch. I made good choices and focused on protein for snacks and lunch…then I had about 1/4 cup of “homemade” Huckleberry ice cream which was so worth the splurge by the way!

bass lakebass lake 2

bass lake 3

Came home to find my oldest home from a day swimming and taking more senior pictures. She was having trouble breathing (oldest and youngest have asthma…another perk of California’s Central Valley) and we headed to the ER for breathing treatments, steroids and Mommy/Jessie bonding time until the wee hours of the morning.


Monday was a blur and I find it very hard to believe I was actually awake for it after a day in the sun and no sleep on top of it.

The salad in a jar experiment is over. I tested it with only the lids in place without creating the vacuum seal. I just ran to the fridge because, I realized I had forgotten there was still one in there. One week later and lettuce was still crisp and looked great. I didn’t however try it because, it also had week old chicken in it and I am a sissy about stuff like that. I would say that Salad in a Jar is a huge success πŸ™‚

Headed to the kitchen to make up some chicken salad for this week and to cook the day-care kids some lunch before they revolt and order pizza with my cell phone.

Have an amazing week and hug your loved ones tight. Give them a call and tell them, “I love you.” if they aren’t close enough to grab.

Hugs to you all,



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