Trial & Error, Goals, Milestones & Motivation



I would like to start by wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to everyone. My mommy is exceptional and I am thankful for that. Mom I love you. Thanks!

I have daily proof that excellent Steph sets the bar for tremendous motherhood so a big Happy One to her as well!

I am jealous of Steph’s skills as a healthy food artist. Not bad-jealous but jealous enough to try and invent a breakfast meal this week. (See picture above) It was suppose to be a breakfast take off of one of Steph’s fine recipes. (parfait) Truthfully it was kind of gross and looked like a train-wreck. I have received some tips from an expert and I may make another attempt. I will share the details later if it works out.

In my quest for health and sanity I have relied on many things. Good friends, smart people, the internet (thanks some more Al Gore), finding motivation, setting goals and checking off milestones.

Setting a goal is most positive if you actually achieve it. The great Bruce Springsteen wrote: “Is a dream a lie that don’t come true, or is it something worse?” Good question Boss. My current way of thinking is to aim high and then add a little to it and go for it. You can and should surprise yourself in this area. It is a pretty fun feeling.

A TV show that has been off the air for a few years had a corny but excellent message scattered throughout that has become something of a mantra for me. “Clear eyes, full hearts……can’t lose.” Thanks coach Taylor. (Friday Night Lights) I hate to admit it but I feel pretty passionate about the idea of that. Success in anything seems all about having a vision and finding it in your heart to make it work.

Music is another thing that motivates beyond my comprehension. The difference between doing cardio exercise with it and without is like the difference between driving a lawn mower and a Porsche. (In theory) I suppose this will depend greatly on personal taste but Mumford and Sons and the Black Keys have pushed me daily through my journey.

Setting goals that become milestones has been the final piece of the puzzle for me. It is hard to go somewhere new without a map. Early on I made a list in terms of reaching goals on the scale. (other things as well). Part of the fun and motivation is getting to cross them off.

500 450 400 375 350 300 282.5 250 220

I am two pounds away from reaching my next goal/milestone. This is a big one in my head as 282.5 represents the fact that I lost half of my body weight. That makes me feel a lot of things. Upset that I let myself get to that weight is one. Upset that I deprived myself of an education in regard to healthy living is another. I also feel proud and happy knowing that I lost the weight of a full sized NFL defensive end. If I was a cartoon I would be screaming that it is about time you got off my ass………Gilbert Brown!

Cheers. – Clint


3 comments on “Trial & Error, Goals, Milestones & Motivation

  1. Congrats only our success and keep pushing toward those milestones.


  2. hootfish says:

    Wow, you inspire me daily Clint!



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