Couch25K Update (End of Week 5)


When I started the couch25K trick I scanned the training schedule and immediately focused on today’s workout as it stuck out like a sore thumb as the smart kids say. On Wednesday I walked five and ran eight twice. That was fine. Today says I need to run twenty consecutive minutes after a five minute walk.

For runners or people who are in any kind of shape I would think this twenty minute thing is not a big deal. For me I have never run twenty consecutive minutes in my life. I think I ran about sixteen minutes once doing a pre-season test for high school football. That was twenty six years ago and it sucked very badly.

It is both a physical and mental challenge for me. I will know in less than forty five minutes for sure but I think this right now. I think there are 100 reasons I will not be able to complete it.

Call me Captain Flip-Flop though as I still think I will. That is an awkward feeling……

BTW, my pops just gave me an excellent tip. He suggested that I should not die while doing the run as it would probably ruin the Kentucky Derby for him….bahahahahahahahaha

(Hi, the writing of this message will continue in approximately 45 minutes)

Well, that went better than expected. I completed it without any major problems. Some discomfort in the back but nothing really worth mentioning. I unfortunately am one of those who runs the scenarios through his head before they happen. I suspected that around minute eighteen I would be cursing myself for being an idiot and getting myself into this. I also thought I would be dreaming up ways to tell my excellent sister that the 5K we are planning on July 20th is not going to happen.

Instead, right about that time I thought that I could do more than the twenty minutes if I wanted to. It turns out I did want to and I went for twenty-two minutes. Why? ………….because I could and because it was my way of telling couch25K that they were going to be my bitch by the time this is done! bahahahahahaha. Cheers -Clint

P.S. The best part was getting back and finding a congrats message from the excellent Stephanie saying she knew I would do it. Thanks Q.O.R.E!


6 comments on “Couch25K Update (End of Week 5)

  1. hootfish says:

    I never doubted you Clint! 🙂 You’re much too stubborn…wait I meant awesome (they kinda sound the same!) to not accomplish whatever you set your mind to!


    P.S. Umm I am not sure if you are aware of it or not but…that damn shirt is about 4 sizes too big for you Buddy!


  2. Overboard_Eater says:

    Awesome work! I found out from my journey with C25K that running is way more mental than physical. I think you just figured that out too! again, great job 🙂


  3. D.J. Mayo says:

    I have absolutely no reason for being on this website, don’t know how I got here and have no idea if you will get this email. I just wanted to say hello and ask that you tell NO ONE that we are wearing woman’s clothing to the event tomorrow evening!


  4. Wienerking says:

    Thank you for being my bro, you da man.


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