Dazed & Confused


I can’t be the only one terribly confused by nutrition. That is about the only thing I am completely positive about with regard to the subject. I suppose that has always been the case for many people and the issue has been made ridiculously worse by the internet. Thanks sweet Al Gore!

Really the only thing that I can think of that I have not seen both sides represented is that almost all white food is bad for you. So if you are a real beginner to this, as I recently was I will add, then stop eating white bread and rice. Google it. I am confident I am correct.

I suppose one other thing I can reasonably conclude is that most people are different so all things will not apply to all people. In other words there are many ways to skin a cat. Since I apparently am in a complaining mood let me also say that is a very stupid cliché. (But not as dumb as you want your cake and eat it too) If you know who invented that please punch them in the face.

I wish I had a point to make other than rambling but in my experience rambling is sometimes fun and can make you feel a little better. In a weird way, it has. I am now over the fact that I worked very hard this week and lost a half of pound. Carry on friends!

Bye – Clint


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