Last week, new thoughts, and upcoming events. By: Steph


ResizedImage_1366521168011Can you all believe it is almost May? This year is flying by and I feel like it was just Christmas! There have been so many changes in just the past few months. We’ve had our share of hardships, joys, challenges met and balls dropped. I am blessed to be able to say that I am still here and still standing tall.
Last week in a nutshell πŸ™‚

STOMACH FLU!!! It hit us hard and fast. One of my day-care kids had a touch of it and shared it with my 8 year old, Joey. He shared it with me and I shared it with Jessica. We were sort of down for the count most of last week. So we didn’t accomplish a whole lot but, I did get to sneak upstairs during one of Ebby’s softball games and take a 2 hour hot bath with lavender scented bubbles because, I was too sick to go to the game, the shades were drawn and music was playing. It was a very relaxing experience and one I’ve missed lately with the speed of life. Evelyn (Ebby) and Joe are much more hearty than the rest of us lol so they were immune to the whole thing. They did make excellent nurturers though.

The past couple weeks I’ve been riding on the motorcycle with Joe. It’s something we both enjoyed so he decided it would be better if we found a different one that was more set up for two. On Saturday we purchased the Harley and spent most of the day dealing with that. After the Harley dealer we headed to a favorite burger place in town. It’s one of those fancy joints just north of the cemetery and just south of the hookers. Took the kids over there and had a late lunch out on the patio of this old drive in. It was a nice time and all 5 of us spent the day together so that made it even better. I ordered a kids meal and only ate less than half. Saturday evening Joe and I took our first ride on the new bike and then hung out at Starbucks, chatting and catching up with each other over an iced drink. It was a nice way to spend an evening.

Sunday we headed to church, came home and then Joe and I saddled up and went about running errands on the bike. We hit Walmart (seriously you know how you can’t leave those places for under $200? Take a motorcycle! We could only fit a limited amount in the boxes and that kept the budget down πŸ™‚ I think next time we go to Costco we are definitely taking the Harley! That should be their new marketing slogan…”Men, does your wife shop too much? Not stick to her list and throw unnecessary items into the shopping cart? Well then you need a motorcycle! Compact boxes that hold only the necessities and all for the bargain price of…” Do you think their marketing department will be dropping me a check anytime soon? Ladies, we all know that it’s only US who load up the cart with stuff we don’t need! πŸ˜‰

Anyhow, after the errands on Sunday we took a long ride up to the foothills with a good friend. I will have to be honest and say I was great the whole time. I was excited when I got my new helmet before the ride started (It’s pretty). I was having a great time and then our friend turned us onto this little one lane winding road. There were a couple of moments where I considered either screaming and jumping off the bike like I was on fire or tapping my husband on the shoulder and politely telling him to pull the heck over because, I was walking home! I didn’t do either and as I focused on the gorgeous day and the scenery I relaxed and really started enjoying the ride again. It ended up being a great afternoon/evening and I’m glad I stuck it out. I can’t wait to go again. I know it’s something that wasn’t possible a year ago because, we couldn’t have fit on the bike comfortably together. Even though it wasn’t a physical activity, it was definitely one that weight loss made possible for us.

I’m looking forward to the beginning of May and the 2 support group meetings that come along with it. I really enjoy getting to share my questions and victories with others, and getting to listen to the questions and victories that they are encountering. I am also excited about the fact that I’m able to openly talk to others who are interested in my experiences with the surgery and it’s good and bad points. I am happy that God is using me to help others make an informed decision about whether this is the choice for them or not.

My food and exercise have been off a bit and I think that has something to do with all the changes my body is going through with medication. It has nothing to do with the weight loss but, we all know that any kind of medication changes can affect how we eat and feel. I am hoping we have found the correct dosage and prescription for my anxiety issues. I really want to just feel level again without all of the unwanted side effects. C25K has been on hold the past week and also on Monday of this week. The flu threw us way off. I think we are starting back at week 3 hopefully next week. I’m kind of in a sticky situation. I want to move ahead and do this (well I intellectually want to but, my body is happy being lazy!) but, I promised Jessie I’d do it with her. So when she doesn’t do it and I get ahead of her on the schedule, she wants to go back to where she left off. At that rate I will be about 65 when I can finally 5K it! Then I’ll probably have to use one hand on my cane as I run and hold my dentures in with my other hand! This girl had better get it in gear!

In a bit over a month my Jessie will be graduating from high-school. It seems impossible but, I keep checking and yep…it’s really happening, it’s not the 1990’s anymore and she isn’t still in preschool. We are almost at the end of another softball season for Ebby and nearing the beginning of summer break for the kids. In just 4 months I will be able to say I am the mother of a college freshman, a 5th grader and a 3rd grader. I will almost just about be able to say I’m a 40 year old woman! I’m a cougar too…my husband will merely be 39 at that point πŸ™‚ So, for 4 months I will get to rave about the hot younger man I snagged! Then he’ll turn 40 too and it’ll go back to the norm.

A couple of short months ago I was hiding who I am from the world. Worried about revealing too much of myself and the judgment of people. I was afraid to tell my closest friends and family that I had weight loss surgery. I prayed and was gently nudged from my husband and Clint until I realized, that I was ready. As a matter of fact, I was more than ready to be myself and accept whatever came with that. It’s been empowering and a little scary hanging it all out there for everyone to read, hear or see. Lesson learned here? A life lived in fear is a life not fully realized. I strongly feel that God allowed me to have Gastric Sleeve surgery so that I could move forward with my life. It’s not something He wants me to hide and be ashamed of. Since pulling on my big girl panties and just opening up I have lost a couple of people I was friendly with. I get watched by others as I eat or interact with them. I have even probably had people gossiping behind my back. You know what? None of those things matter. The friends I lost weren’t truly friends and my real friends have responded with love, questions, and kindness. My God is always with me and there was never a question of that but, I have a stronger spiritual life now that I have removed that wall from my heart. If people talk behind my back, they are the kind of people who would have done it no matter what my weight loss or gain circumstances were. The best part? I feel like I can be of help to others now. When I kept this a secret and I was guarded all the time, I didn’t realize how many people in my day to day life could benefit from talking about issues that are bothering them. Sometimes it’s weight, sometimes emotions, sometimes it’s just a need to tell someone else what’s on your mind. Whatever they need, I’m more open to it.

I have some new recipes to try and if they turn out well I will definitely be sharing them with you. I hope you are rockin’ your week and keeping the scale moving in the right direction.

Please let me know if you have questions or topics you’d like to hear about and we will be glad to work with them!



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