Hans & Franz Think I Am a Sissy-Boy

pump you up

I Love Hans & Franz!

Over the past 18 months I have made many attempts at lifting weights. I have had a few 4 week streaks where I did OK but inevitably my cranky back flares up and I need to put that on hold.

I will hopefully someday get to the point where I can start to develop my upper body strength beyond that of a very tough nine year old.

That time is not now so I had to make the trip to “Jim” to tell the owner of “Jim” that I needed to freeze my membership yet again.

It went like this:

Clint: Hi Shane, how are you? I need to put my membership on hold again due to my back issues.

“Jim” Owner: You are a real S.O.B.

Clint: Bahahahahahaha, why is that?

“Jim” Owner: When most people tell me that I can hint that their progress in their program will be wasted if they do and then talk them out of it. Every time you come in here it looks like you lost another 50 so what the hell am I suppose to say to you?

Clint: Bahahahahahaha!

People in the business of losing weight like to discuss Non Scale Victories. (NSV) I suppose this is one of those instances. Those are kind of cool and make you feel pretty darn good.

That will need to serve as my motivation to continue on. For now I will just make sure I do not make any eye contact when walking past the local playground. Eventually however, the plan is to get pumped up!

Bye. -Clint


2 comments on “Hans & Franz Think I Am a Sissy-Boy

  1. Joe says:

    I liked those guys!!!!! I’m gonna pump you up!!! lol


  2. hootfish says:


    I have to say that this post is spectacular. Not only did you leave the “Jim” guy speechless but, you also nixed a common excuse. People will always tell you, “I can’t make it to the gym, the gym is too expensive, I tried walking and it just doesn’t work for me I need to use the equipment…anything to make an excuse not to start their weight loss journey! I know I’m guilty of all of those plus the, “I’m too busy with the kids.” one too. You are so dedicated you WANT to go to “Jim” but, can’t physically. Yet you are consistently burning cals and losing weight with a walking program, a stationary bike and now your C25K training. You don’t need all the frills to lose weight, you just need determination and drive. You are an excellent example of both! I admire you greatly šŸ™‚

    Huge hugs,



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