Nonsense, breakthroughs and recaps By: Steph

poollegssitting in sun

Today is the first day of school for the Rugrats, so happy to be back to a normal schedule so sorry to see them go. This morning the day-care kids showed up groggy and tired, my own kids got up grumpily and whined about the clothing they had chosen the previous evening. I made them all pancakes and drove as fast as I legally could to the schools to drop them off. I had the angels home with me for 2 full weeks and now they are spreading their sunshine at school. 🙂

I haven’t blogged much as I’ve been trying to find a moment to breath and that doesn’t leave much time to blog.

The past several weekends we’ve been tearing up the yards trying to make them presentable and appealing. This weekend was no exception and we hopefully completed the sprinkler system and pool pump. It’s amazing how much better things grow when you water them…go figure. This project has been and will continue to be my Sunday workout until it’s completed. The first pic is my “vision” of what our backyard will be. My vision is not to scale and the green x looking marks are supposed to be a type of palm trees 🙂 Yesterday I was sitting in the grass digging in a mud puddle thinking about how there’s no way I could have done this 2 summers ago. I would have struggled last summer. Bear the dog our puppy, is hysterically afraid that water is attacking us when it is disturbed. He was quite ferocious with the pool when our youngest was splashing his feet in the water yesterday.

Couch 2 5K week #1 down. As you may recall I am attempting this with my oldest daughter Jessica. Today was day #1 of week 2, we left at 5am made it half of a block and turned around to come home. It was a nasty windy morning and both of us got super whiney lol. Hit the treadmill and took care of the challenge, hoping Wednesday is better for an outdoor run.

Joe and I went to my first support group meeting of the month, last Tuesday. Met a great guy who was wondering about the personal challenges and couples challenges of the surgery. Met up on Saturday for a small hike in the park and then Starbucks for some decaf iced tea and nice conversation with the guy and his lovely wife. They are a great couple and it’s a blessing that taking the step to be more open about my surgery and the experiences my family has dealt with after it, has allowed me to be of help to another couple.

After Starbucks hubby and I headed to Red Robin where we met up with two great friends and their daughter. I made entirely delicious and within my meal plan, choices. I was able to discuss my surgery with my friends girlfriend who has been considering it. It was an eventful and empowering day. It felt great to share my journey and give an honest account of the good and bad things that have resulted from my decision. Later, due to a Saturday morning workout and the hike in the afternoon I even had plenty of calories for a small serving of sugar free, low fat soft serve peanut butter frozen yogurt on the way to pick up the kids 🙂 YUMMY I know many wls folks don’t count calories or log food but, for me it will be a lifetime commitment.

I would never push people towards surgery or suggest they have it but, I will openly discuss anything they’d like to chat about positive or negative. I don’t at all think it’s the correct choice for everyone but, I believe 100% that it was the correct choice for me.

My nonsense/breakthrough moment came last week after all of the kids and I came home from the park. We had a great day and were kicking back in the sunny front yard for more playtime. My son was clowning around with my phone and I realized he was taking pictures. I politely smiled for a few and then demanded my phone back (he doesn’t pay the bill!) As I flipped through the photos, I realized that when he was standing over me as I lay on the blanket, he took a couple pics of me. One of them was the leg shot you see up top. I was horrified when I saw it and then the last one was the shot of me sitting up on the grass after I realized he had the camera. I wanted to get all teary and delete them but, I just couldn’t. Later that night looking at them I realized they are nowhere near as bad as I thought. I was refusing to look at these pics or share them because, I could see the little lump on my thighs and with my legs flat they looked thicker. WHO CARES? Then the last pic I posted, I wouldn’t share because, of my little belly roll. I am not sure what I was thinking but, it sure wasn’t what I’m thinking now. I’m proud of that little roll and that thigh padding. I have worked hard to get to a point where those are my biggest concerns. Lesson learned was; Don’t dig for your flaws, accept your successes! I am doing just that and posting these imperfect pics because, I love who I am becoming, I will never be perfect until I am with my Savior but, I get better and better each and every day 🙂

Glory in your little imperfections, they are what makes you…YOU! Even a seemingly perfect outside can hide some ugly truths. Love yourself and allow yourself to feel good about who you are!



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