What Could Be More Fun Than Racing Huge Wieners?

sausage race

Well it is Friday. Time for Friday fun!

I am not ready to commit to this for this year but this is definitely on my bucket list. I intend to one day race against huge wieners one day.

A sweet July day surrounded by Brewers fans running for 3.2 miles with 8 foot tall sausages. I have had childhood dreams that were similar. At some point why not try to live some of those dream. You know what I am saying?

Today I completed week one of couch25K. It was not really all that hard to do so far but I am not dummy enough to think the challenge ahead is not daunting. The program seems all about the “baby steps” theory. That is cool. Seems like a good way to approach something like this.

I like to get locked into ideas and see if I can make them a reality. Even typing this right now I am seemingly talking myself into trying to make this happen this year.

Me a huge Bratwurst to my right and an enormous Italian Sausage to my left. I can’t wait to take that picture. Please come back in July and check it out. Cheers! -Clint


2 comments on “What Could Be More Fun Than Racing Huge Wieners?

  1. hootfish says:

    Sounds umm…greasy and manly!



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