Steph’s c25k schedule :)

Easter 2013 Mom and Jess in kitchen

I guess the internet has a little diversity within it…Who knew? My guy Clint’s c25k schedule is very different from my own. I thought I would share it with you that way you have choices. I know it’s not as great of a choice as which calorie free, fat free, sugar free, wonderful tasting, ice cream flavor you’d like but, still choices are good! I think I just described ice and water except for the wonderful tasting/ice cream part.

I am doing my c25k training with my “mini me” as Clint calls her, Jessica. My oldest daughter is 17 and it has been a nice way to spend a little alone time with her and do something healthy at the same time. I can hardly believe she will be graduating in a couple months. I still think of that bossy 2 year old who was throwing footballs at the other kids heads and saying, “They not catch it Mommy!” Well, she’s still bossy, just ask her brother and sister but, she’s definitely not 2 anymore 😦 No comment on the throwing things at people stuff.

Ok I am not sure where that trip down memory lane came from but, you parents out there know how these kids embed themselves into you! Kinda like ticks only less creepy most of the time.

I couldn’t get it to open up. So I gave you guys the link 🙂

Happy training,


P.S. Because Clint loves P.S.’s I wanted to mention that a Greek yogurt parfait is an excellent way to get some carbs and protein in you after a run 🙂

P.S.S. I have a recipe tease for you all…Clint will soon be photographing and giving you the recipe for his yummy breakfast scramble! (HINT HINT HINT CLINT CLINT CLINT)


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