Walk This Way!


Hello Friends. I have not mentioned this on this baby yet so I will now. I have a somewhat serious back injury. Although it is a huge pain in the can it is something I am almost thankful for as it is probably the true reason I have been motivated and able to make big progress in my quest for better health.

It is your classic “rock and a hard place” scenario. It was so bad that in combination with being 565 pounds I could not walk at all much less do any other normal being alive type activities.

The reality in my head was that I needed to change or pretty much it was game over. Pretty easy choice……bahahahahahaha.

I am doing other more strenuous exercising at this point but that does come with a price. Last night was mostly sleepless and kind of crummy. Keep in mind I am not complaining about that. I am destined to get past it. It just is the situation.

My point today is walking is really underrated. I walk each and every day and when I do not get to as much as I desire it is disappointing. I can feel the benefits even as I am doing it. There is a point during my walks when I feel as good as I will for that day. That point always comes during a walk. It took a long time to notice that but it is real. Eventually in the walks my body starts to tell me I have had enough and then things go down hill with the crabby back real fast.

The cool part for me is that time of feeling good is expanding on a weekly basis. There will be a day when the bad goes away. I just know it!

This isn’t much of a scientific recommendation but I say yes to walking. Especially if you are just starting out on your quest to make some changes. Not to mention, if you know a good dog…….chances are he is going to like the idea a bunch as well.

Bye. – Clint


One comment on “Walk This Way!

  1. hootfish says:


    This is an excellent point. Simply walking and being able to get some movement in throughout your day is a blessing we “forget” about. I know that when I would get back into the “I’m losing weight” mindset in the past, I would head straight for the elliptical or exercise dvd’s but, I overlooked the thing I could do with my family or to just get out and clear my head. Thanks for pointing out how beneficial walking really is for your body and mind. 🙂



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