One of Those Excellent Days!


I am not going to get all dramatic and say today was the perfect day. Let’s be honest. Many things suck and magical genies are as scarce as unicorns so perfect should not describe any day.

It was pretty excellent for me, especially if you consider my own personal idiosyncrasies.

I am a Milwaukee Brewers nerd. It is that simple. I love them but it isn’t as simple as being a sports freak or anything like that. (although that is part of it) It is the one thing that in some way everyone in the family has a connection to or fondness for.

I have a huge family. We all get pretty pumped up for Brewers season. The cool thing is we seem to stay more in touch and the Brewers are the reason. Something to rally around or to commiserate about or even complain and be colorful about it. It is excellent to do that with family is it not?

I know this might not be completely relatable to the audience but people all like something a whole bunch so it is in some way. Right?

Now the other thing-y that makes this story come together. In order to proceed through my get healthy journey I have discovered that I only work through my issues if I am “on the program” all the time. The only leeway I leave myself is when I hit planned milestone moments in my weight loss. I have a cheat day type thing where I let loose with whatever my head dreams up during the planning stages. This last milestone was a big one for me. Getting under 300 pounds. (or my 8th grade weight)

I hit it on Sunday. (299.3) Wooohooooo!

Today was the day of eating stupid and not feeling badly about it. Today was hot dog day! Good meat market hotdogs and onion rings and coleslaw and baked beans and some invention called pretzel buns and…………..drum roll please! Peanut Butter Pie!

This is an important thing for me. It wasn’t until recently though that I really understood why. It has taught me that I need to be able to enjoy something in the food part of life once in a while and then be able to turn it off and move back into the healthy trick. Seems simple but it was not always simple for me.

Back to the Brewers. Excellently crusty old Bob Uecker started my Brewers year as he always does by saying “Welcome to Milwaukee Brewers Championship Season.” It does not matter that he has never been correct or that it is a huge longshot to happen this season. It makes me feel awesome to hear him say it. The truth is it makes me feel like a 13 year old kid again who would spend half of many summer days playing wiffle ball in the back yard with Donnie and Paul.

If you never experienced that or anything similar I am truly sorry. Those memories are golden.

Most of the game was good and fun to watch. Not great as the good guys were behind all day. It got exciting for me when the crew rallied and went ahead 4-3 in the 8th inning. Excellent Canadian John Axford who used to have a sweet mustache and now a sweet beard came on to hopefully finish an awesome game. Apparently the baseball gods did not know it was his 30th birthday. After two outs were recorded one swing of a Colorado Rockies bat sent that small white ball over the fence to tie the game.

Now let me make this story all about me and two great sisters. They went to spring training a few weeks back and while there purchased for me a Milwaukee Brewers Jonathan Lucroy T-shirt. It was excellent and sweet because I did not own a Brewers shirt that was within 4 sizes of fitting me. You better believe I was wearing that baby today.

Extra innings and the Brewers are up to bat. One out and the bases loaded. As luck would have it my man Jon Lucroy walked up to the plate. Deep drive to center field. Brewers win. BREWERS WIN!!!!!

If there are anything as silly as baseball god’s maybe Mr. Axford had to take one for the team to make my day so damn excellent?

Probably not, but that is the story I am going with. Have a good day. I know I did! I can’t wait for this championship season to continue on. -Clint


6 comments on “One of Those Excellent Days!

  1. Stephanie says:

    I’m so excited that your hard earned day was so all around excellent! Back to it tomorrow 🙂

    P.S. I wonder who invented onion rings? ;-p



  2. Stacy Tesch says:

    Well said Clint…


  3. Joe says:

    Great job on reaching another goal. It was nice to hear about your wonderful day. In some ways opening day for you was like the Brewers winning the world series. It always feels great to have one of these days.


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