I’m Pregnant!

pregnant dude

Seriously, I am. (In my weirdo head)

Stick with me on this one. It makes perfect sense. (bahahahahaha)

I have figured out in 42 years, that I need to make things goal oriented to have the best success. I had been operating under the idea that my goal weight should be 199. It still perhaps will be but it also may be higher. Something I did not factor in is all the extra skin hanging around.

That is a large topic perhaps to be discussed later. However, for now, it is a factor in the end game number. It seems I will not really know until I get a whole lot closer.

That said I figure I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 90 pounds to lose. Things should begin to slow down some in the loss rate so 10 pounds a month seems reasonable. Right?

You know those excellent word math problems from school. Like, I have 7 pencils and you have 9 lucky rabbit feet, how much gas will it take to get to Portland Oregon if TBS is running a Jerry Seinfeld marathon?

I am glad I was good at those because it allowed me to come up with this.

I am pregnant in reverse. It will take me 9 months to “have my baby.” I believe I will be naming him something cool like Oscar Bravo. Time will tell.

Makes sense obviously. Right about the time my beloved Milwaukee Brewers are getting ready for the baseball playoffs I will be tucking in my new Brewers size L shirt. It feels GREAT to have a plan.

It’s Friday! Have fun. I surely am! -Clint


One comment on “I’m Pregnant!

  1. Stephanie says:

    Congratulations but, I already knew it! 🙂



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