Bathing suit season is just around the corner :( By: Steph

SwimsuitfunnyHave you ever noticed that no matter how hectic or busy your life is, you can find a moment for the lamest things? Last night is the perfect example. I had been in a sweatshirt and pants all day long and was freezing. We got the kids in bed, I went and picked out clothes for the youngest and kissed them goodnight. Finally get to lay down and enjoy our comfy bed after I shower from my 2nd workout for the day. NOPE…instead after my shower while, Joe is shaving and showering, I head into the closet and pull out of all things my swimsuit. WHY??? No clue. My husband walks out of the shower to find me modeling the lovely ensemble of tankini top that fits only in the boobs and sags everywhere else (which is a miracle in itself since…I have no umm you know what’s to speak of! The bottoms are barely hanging on around my hips and the skirt (yes it’s a mom suit ok!) hangs to my knees. He politely asks “What are you doing?” and I proceed to lift the skirt up and show him the lovely vision of the underpants part hanging off of me in an entirely unflattering way. He shakes his head and says, “Isn’t that a good thing?” I pause and answer, “Yes I mean of course it’s just that bathing suits are expensive.” I hang it back up (yeah no clue why) and go to bed. In my head I’m thinking, “DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND THIS MEANS, I HAVE TO GO BATHING SUIT SHOPPING???!!!” Even 142 pounds smaller this idea is less than thrilling to me. I Guess technically I don’t HAVE to go shopping I could just head to the lake in the one I had on and hope that the first dive doesn’t reveal the human version of Shar Pei I have become with weight loss. Still, I’m thinking I’ll suck it up and head to a store instead of scarring people for life with that image.

Ok enough of that talk. Let’s talk about something less graphic! I have kicked my workouts into high gear this week and I’m feeling it in every possible place. If I stretch my arms out at my side so that I look like a human “t” my shoulders point out that I need to, STOP IT RIGHT NOW. I have muscles in my chest! Maybe someday I will be able to make my pec’s dance like the cool guys at the gym! My calves don’t like the stairs anymore, the front of my thighs don’t like the kids who keep sitting on my lap. Yep my whole body is a grumpy old woman! However, by far my favorite part of this week has been the trips to the bathroom. You know when the back of your thighs and your glutes are so sore that you actually have to take a deep breath and just hover and drop onto the seat and the audible wince comes out of it’s own accord, as you make contact. Oh wait…did I promise less graphic? Silly me 😛

Point of all of this is even after everything that I’ve been through this year and all the changes, I still have many uncomfortable moments of one sort or another. Some are emotional/mental and some are physical but, they are all worth feeling, to be healthy and energetic. I could never have imagined what it would feel like to live in this wrinkley body and actually feel pretty good about it. I find that I like the clothes I can slide into and most shocking for me…I like feeling sore and knowing I’ve had a great workout! Never thought that would be something that felt good. Things change, life moves forward and everyday we get a little better! Enjoy every second of bettering yourself and getting strong.



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