The 10 week family challenge ended yesterday. By: Steph

Picture 3 In my defense, I had just worked out and was a sweaty mess when we decided to bond in front of the webcam!

If you’ve read some of my earlier blog posts you know that my family was doing a healthy living challenge. The 2 younger kids had the goal of adding extra fruits and veggies to their days and of adding in 20 minutes, 4 days a week of extra activity not involving a tv or video game. This had to be on top of any school/sporting activities. Joe (my husband), my oldest daughter and myself had the goal of more exercise, healthier food choices and weight loss. This was the first time I’d ever had the whole house working toward the same goals as me. I can’t even explain how amazing it felt to have the support and motivation of working towards my goal alongside of my family.

At the end of the 10 weeks my oldest had basically dropped out because, she was eating with her friends more than us. She also had the exercise killer of having a cast on her leg. The younger daughter lost 3.6 pounds just from extra movement, and no food restrictions just better choices. The goal wasn’t for her to lose weight just to make healthier decisions. Our son lost almost a pound but, again it wasn’t necessary and it was just an unintentional side effect of the healthier choices.

The biggest shock to me was my Joe. He was amazing. The competition element really put him into high gear. He lost over 15 pounds and made over his meals. He rarely reaches for the snack foods at the store anymore. The man who whined about me making turkey meatballs for dinner actually went out and bought turkey and made a lean ground beef and turkey meatloaf with low cal mashed potatoes from The Food Network. I almost passed out when I took the ground turkey breast out of the bag! He is more open to going out and doing something active with the kids and I. Actually he has started initiating outings and bike rides. It’s an incredible change and support to me. He won the challenge by about 1% point over me. However, I think the whole family came out ahead in these 10 weeks.

We just began a 15 week challenge together and I’m excited to see what the end of June brings for our family. The oldest is even doing her own 15 week challenge with my mom.

Keep your family involved and keep working towards your goals. You are worth it!



3 comments on “The 10 week family challenge ended yesterday. By: Steph

  1. hootfish says:

    Stephanie, you are excellent. I am proud of you for tons of stuff but this family trick you are doing has to be considered as great as peanut butter. It is mandatory that you are all proud of this. Congratulations!!!!!(5)


  2. Overboard_Eater says:

    Wow! great results.

    thanks for the write up. I got my teen to workout with me on Sunday and it will definitely become a weekly thing. Then she and the little one (4 years old) practiced their push-ups together. I’m still formulating a more formal challenge. Thanks again.


  3. hootfish says:

    Thanks Clint πŸ™‚ I’m really proud of the changes our family is making.

    Overboard_Eater, Thanks a bunch for your comments. It’s great to hear that you got your children involved. You’re a wonderful role model for them πŸ™‚



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