On the “lighter” side :) By: Steph

ExerciseI Stephanie have a confession to make. I SUCK! Ok well, I have been slacking off on my exercise for over a month straight now. I don’t know why I’ve been so unmotivated and just a big baby about it but, I have. It started with a cold which lasted a week. Ok decent excuse. Then I was run down from the cold and didn’t have the energy to get up…a couple days of that is plausible. Then I started having anxiety attacks which left me not sleeping at night. I was definitely not feeling like working out at that point. Fast forward 3 weeks later and today is the first day I have had a REAL workout since then.

Today I did it, I had no excuses and I just got my rear out there to the gym (ok our garage) and used the equipment I begged my husband for. I expected my stamina to be lower, I expected to want to quit, I even expected to be a little pissed off at myself. I did not expect the train wreck that was my workout.

Cue Rocky theme music….

Started by warming up on a mini trampoline. It was fun but, I could definitely feel that I was using muscles that had been resting too long.
10 minutes of that taught me lesson #1- There is a reason sports bras are tight. Being too cheap to buy a new one after you lose weight is not the most comfortable feeling you will ever encounter. However on the plus side…maybe you burn extra calories alternating between constantly stuffing yourself back into it and trying to hold things still while jumping!

Moved on to the elliptical. Did I mention I was listening to the Latin workout mix on Pandora? Skipped warm up and just dove right into the workout. It was going well, heart rate was up there and I was feeling good. Got into the beat and learned lesson #2- If you are uncoordinated (not me but, if you are) it’s not the best idea to try and move with the music on an elliptical. I wouldn’t know or anything but, you may kinda sorta almost fall off and tip the machine sideways if your foot slips. This could happen! Of course it didn’t happen to me because, that would just be sad!

Next I did my favorite part of the workout. I strapped on my gloves and sized up the heavy bag. After a little trash talk between the two of us and kicking it’s a$$ for 20 minutes I had learned lesson #3- You know those really comfy and cute boy short panties? Well they become a thong when you kick a heavy bag. Maybe you like this kinda thing…me not so much.

Came inside to cool down and do some yoga/stretches. Let my Baby Bear in (our 4 month old and 40 pound German Shepherd puppy) and played with him. Gave him his toy and a treat and proceeded to stretch. All went well until I learned lesson #4 I leaned down put both hands on the floor, lifted one leg up in the air and was stretching it when Bear decided we should play. He was off the couch and hit me full force before I could put my foot back on the ground. I hit the ottoman (gracefully of course because, as per lesson #2 I am not uncoordinated at all) and went sideways onto the floor with Bear dropping his drooly wet skunk-cat squeaky nasty toy on my face.

All in all it was a great workout that was honestly a lot of fun. I’ve never giggled so much while working out 🙂 I’m glad to be back in the workout saddle!

Hope you learned important life lessons from this informative blog post!



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