I Have Dreams:Trytophan is my Friend

corn dog pizza

The excellent Martin Luther King Had a dream that all men are created equal. Unfortunately, I have dreams about that sweet picture above.

Welcome to Friday Fun!

Did you know the food you eat can enhance your ability to dream vividly and more creatively? My friends at the world of lucid dreaming tell us if you eat foods high in tryptophan that may occur.

Tryptophan (IUPAC-IUBMB abbreviation: Trp or W; IUPAC abbreviation: L-Trp or D-Trp; sold for medical use as Tryptan)[2] is one of the 22 standard amino acids and an essential amino acid in the human diet. It is encoded in the standard genetic code as the codon UGG. Only the L-stereoisomer of tryptophan is used in structural or enzyme proteins, but the D-stereoisomer is occasionally found in naturally produced peptides (for example, the marine venom peptide contryphan).[3] The distinguishing structural characteristic of tryptophan is that it contains an indole functional group. It is an essential amino acid, as demonstrated by its growth effects on rats.

Who does not want to be a dreamer? Yes, dummies. Here is a list of food high in this stuff.

1.Chicken (4 oz) gives 0.41g tryptophan
2.Soybeans (1 cup) gives 0.39g tryptophan
3.Turkey (4 oz) gives 0.38g tryptophan
4.Tuna (4 oz) gives 0.38g tryptophan
5.Venison (4 oz) gives 0.36g tryptophan
6.Lamb (4 oz) gives 0.35g tryptophan
7.Salmon (4 oz) gives 0.35g tryptophan
8.Halibut (4 oz) gives 0.34g tryptophan
9.Shrimp (4 oz) gives 0.33g tryptophan
10.Cod (4 oz) gives 0.29g tryptophan

I know for sure a couple of you will think “stink-fish?” gross, I will pass. Before you do please realize that I know how to used wikipedia and I found this.

Dreams act as a mental and emotional release valve, relieving tension that builds up during the normal stress of life. This function is very important for physical, emotional and mental health. Dreams also bring suppressed feelings and hidden thoughts to conscious awareness, reveal areas of weakness in the self and occasionally point out the obvious consequences of overlooked trends.

Suck it up friends. Go get yourself a nice piece of salmon today.

Sweet Dreams! -Clint


4 comments on “I Have Dreams:Trytophan is my Friend

  1. Joe says:

    As zing would say “why when chicken has more of the stuff in it”. I think we will stick with the chicken and skip the stink fish.


  2. hootfish says:

    I was hoping you wouldn’t notice that. bahahahahaha


  3. hootfish says:

    Thank you Zang! I concur and was just headed to point that out! So πŸ˜› to you Clint
    Btw…UGH that pizza looks gross. However, I bet those corndog sticks would make awesome weapons…unless going up against a kabob skewer πŸ™‚



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