My Head Needs Help


A good dude I know (Let’s call him Zang) brought up an interesting and important issue I am dealing with and will need to more in the future. This talking about stuff is a good concept by the way. (wonder who invented it) To be honest I hadn’t thought about it at all so despite experiencing it without knowing I had no idea how to deal with it.

I suppose if I am going to be a part of a blog with an excellent person who has already told some “secrets” I should be an open book as the cool kids say.

The question was about the mental health issues in losing a bunch of weight. (In my case almost half my body and nearly 2/3 by goal) Also, how to deal with being treated differently by the opposite sex.

The first part is a creepy thing for me. I appreciate the nice things people say more than I can express. The thing is in the moment I do not like it. I do not really know why but in thinking about it this afternoon I have one thought and this is the best I can do right now. I think I am embarrassed personally about putting myself in this position in the first place. So any credit given to me for partially correcting these issues is something I do not feel I am worthy of.

Too much attention just makes me feel uptight and uneasy. I want to talk about stuff on my own terms for sure. The thing is that is not how life always works. I am doing this radio show on the internet for fun. My friend who does it with me brought my story up on air and I could not change the subject fast enough. There wasn’t even any thought involved in it. I just needed to get out of the topic and did so immediately. There is something to this issue and I need to work on it.

The thing with the ladies is an entirely different situation. This is surely more avoidance but right now it is the truth. I have yet to acquire enough confidence in myself personally to even consider anything like that to this point. When/if it gets to that point I am sure I will be awkward, super awkward and unimpressive at the start. Thankfully I am a good student in social situations.

I am aware that I am skirting the issues in regards to this topic in large part but giving it some thought at all is a hell of a start in my eyes.

More to come……………..-Clint


3 comments on “My Head Needs Help

  1. Stephanie says:

    Clint, as we’ve talked about, this is a touchy subject for me too. I wish there was a switch they could flip to fix me but, I’m outta luck. Glad I have you and your friend Zang to go through this with. Supporting each other is an awesome plus to building friendships with fellow “losers” 😉


  2. Joe says:

    Last night we went to a help group( weight loss issues). I never knew how much people battle with weight loss. Most just want to be treated the same way they were before loosing the weight, others get upset and angry because people are always asking about how much they have lost. Some have lost their marriage and others are struggling. We all must understand that when someone starts to get healthy and loose weight it involves everybody in the family. So take it one day at a time and remember to talk to each other, your family depends soon it.


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