Steph’s tip…because, I can’t let Clint tell ya all the cool stuff :)

pb and banana toastThe thing I learned today is that you can not possibly lay out in the sun with a 4 month old German Shepherd puppy named Bear and expect to not be mauled and sat upon!

My tip is for people who cook for others. Until I started logging my food with brutal honesty, I never realized how many calories I unintentionally ate.

Breakfast for the kids could be, peanut butter toast, milk and fruit. 3 of the children don’t eat crust on their bread so I’d cut it off and pop a piece in my mouth. Never intending to eat it but, that’s exactly what I mindlessly did. Add a small piece of banana or two and that is an easy “extra” breakfast of 200 or so calories.

Lunch may be mac-n-cheese with fruit, veggie and chicken. Grab a taste of chicken here and there, a couple of spoonsful of macaroni, a taste of the fruit and an extra couple hundred lunch calories just magically appeared on your hips.

Then as you’re making dinner you “taste” it here and there for seasoning.

BOOM you have just added 600 calories to your day skimming off meals intended for other people. We all are guilty of this or have been in the past.

You eat your own meals on top of these forgotten foods and then wonder why you aren’t losing when all you’re eating for your own meals are lean and healthy choices. It’s incredibly easy to do and was something I overlooked for a very long time.

Mindless eating has to become a thing of the past to lose weight and keep it off. It’s not an easy thing to nip and just when you think you have it under control, you can fall into that pattern again.

Stay conscious and stay away from dogs named Bear!



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