Drink Almond Milk-Get Healthy

Today’s tip of the day is Almond Milk. I started using the stuff two weeks back and I have grown fond of it. Today I decided to learn why it is good for me. My search engine took me to this article located on 3 Fat Chicks on a diet. (tried to link that baby but I am apparently less smart than this blog.

I should say the title of that blog makes me giggle. The info was also pretty darn excellent.

I am using the 60 calorie version made by Silk. It tastes great and I love that I get 8 oz. for the 60 calories. I like to drown my cereal in milk and with the cow stuff I found myself trying to cut back as much as possible. Getting to the end of a bowl and eating soggy Kashi with no milk blows……so this is a cool thing.

The heart health impact is especially excellent in my view. As a guy who carried 350 extra pounds for years the heart is a concern. Now that I have decided to be kind to my heart I deeply dig this extra benefit.

This nutty white invention appears to help ward off diabetes? Cool! I have not had these issues yet and I am all in favor of keeping that trend……..

My face will be soft as a babies butt? I vote yes!

The 3 BBW’s are saying that this almond juice will help with eyes sight. I was not expecting that benefit. I feel like I just found a quarter on the sidewalk.

Vitamin B sounds pretty helpful. This is one of my large areas of concern with my personal weight loss. I have some damn strong legs. My theory is that from carrying around so much weight for so long they have naturally become strong. Not sure if that is true but seems logical. My concern is upper body strength. I am limited in the weight training department presently due to back issues and with the large weight loss I have lost any top end strength I had. It seems this may help me some? Perhaps I am just being optimistic but it probably will not hurt this issue.

I say thumbs up to the almond milk. Big bonus that it tastes delicious.



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