Hello to you. Today I decided to expand my knowledge on metabolism and share my findings. I have read a great deal about this over the years and through trial and error have found the following to be pretty true. You will have some success if you drink a ton of water. Most of the smart people say at least a gallon. I have got in the habit of drinking at least 20 8 oz glasses. True I often feel like a walking puddle and I go to the tinkle-torium so often I am considering adding art work……but I have less results when I do not do it.

Eating smaller meals 5 times a day rather than 2-3 big ones was a big change with big benefits. The smart people say 300-400 calories per and I eat in the 300 range. I like it as I am rarely hungry and it seems to keep my energy up for the most part. Even as recent as 2 months ago I was skimping on breakfast to cut back calories. The truth is when I added about a 100 to that meal my loss picked up so there seems to be something to this theory. This one is hard for a guy like me to comprehend but…….proof is in the pudding. (fat free obviously)

OK, so now how about the learning today part? According to WebMD (they have to be right, right?) the following help rev up your inside motor.

Caffeine. “They” say that stuff makes your body burn more calories. Hmmmmmm. I gave up the caffeine almost completely some time back. I do not really want to do this one as bad habits stick with me like Tonto to the Lone Ranger. I need to gather more info before jumping into this baby. If you have any opinions on this please comment away friends……….

Spicy Foods. Apparently they have a chemical compound that kicks up the metabolism. I believe it. I have given up any condiments that taste good. As a sub I add hot spicy/healthy crap to most meals. I thought I was doing it to make it taste better. If it is also an unintended “helper” that is excellent news.

Green Tea? These fellas(and fella-ettes) say the stuff recharges your body and boosts the body engine. I have heard this before and have tried it but have not been able to make it a habit. I have the box of the stuff sitting right over there….time to try again.

OK that is enough “learnin” for today. Ring Ring Ring Ring…..class dismissed.


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