Sunday-Weigh In Day


Snooki, a rocket scientist she is not. That picture right there sums up the way I feel about how I my approached health for the first 39.5 years of my life. No need to dwell on the past however.

Since Sundays are my day to pay the price on the scale it seems logical to do a little recap of the week that just ended.

Under 1500 Calories 7/7
60 or more minutes exercise/day 5/7
Give the dog Vin some exercise each day 7/7
Learn something about healthy living each day 7/7
Drink at least 20 8oz glasses of water/day 6/7
Lose Something – 5.3 pounds – 110 pounds to goal
It was a good week overall. Came up short on a few goals but that gives me something to shoot for this week. I will work off of the same goals for this week. If you are on your own get healthy journey I wish you all the luck this week.
Cheers! -Clint

P.S. As one of my personal daily goals is to learn something each day I will begin to share those lessons as who knows………….maybe someone else likes new stuff.


2 comments on “Sunday-Weigh In Day

  1. Stephanie says:

    Two major things here….#1 I aspire to be the Snooki kinda smartfun when I grow up and #2 you freaking ROCK Clint. You are a weight loss machine 🙂


  2. Joe says:

    I like learning new things every day. I am so happy that you are seeing results of your journey. We all get inspired by someone else’s journey and success. Great job buddy, keep up the good work…


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