Saturday…do you rest? By: Steph

As a mother of 3 I would have to say there is nothing restful about a Saturday.

My 17-year-old is currently drooling in her bed with a couple of friends. Oh wait…I typed too soon I now hear the joyous sound of her melodious voice as she gently SCREAMS orders at her 8-year-old brother to bring her crutches to her! She is a merry little ray of sunshine!

My 8-year-old is running through the house with the 17 year old’s crutches while the tv blares soothing sounds of some lame Disney soap opera. He and the 10-year-old angel decided that 5:15 was the appropriate time to wake up this morning and let the dog chase them through the house as they shrieked and ran giggling from him. I delicately in the way only a mother can explained that I was going to lock THEM in the dog crate if they didn’t put the dog out and get in their rooms quietly until at least 7 o’clock! That sorta worked.

The 10-year-old has been at softball practice for an hour now and when I pick her up from there we head straight for gymnastics. She albeit waking up at the crack of dawn, had to be threatened (lovingly of course) with bodily harm to get ready 10 minutes before we had to be at her softball practice to drop her off. She looked at me like “huh” when I asked if she was ready to go.

After all the practices and any errands are over we may get to come home and spend an hour together fighting (I mean bonding) over dinner. Before the kids disappear into their dens and let my husband and I gaze with longing at our bedroom door where our warm comfy bed beckons us but, we are too tired to go!

This week has been I’d say pretty normal…One ended up back in a cast because, cute shoes were more important than ankle braces and supportive shoes after her last ankle surgery. One awoke us in the middle of the night to clean vomit up from every surface of their bathroom (except the toilet). The same one ended up at the doctor because, his asthma was acting up. Breathing treatments all week and inhalers on top of it mean he is bouncing off the walls with extra energy. Practices, track meets and cheer meetings for the other. At one point after having the boy home two days with his asthma he asked if he could go play in the yard with his pocket knife and I was like “YES PLEASE!!!” You know…if someone called Child Protective Services they might run me in. Maybe I’d get some sleep and come out of there without these bags under my eyes.

What does this have to do with eating? Not much I suppose. However it just shows you that life isn’t always the way we plan it. We have to enjoy and make the best of what is handed to us. Did I follow my meal plan this week? Not so much. Did I do my best? Maybe. Did I try? YES! That’s all I can do. I will take it one day at a time and remember that I am not perfect and never will be in this life. Hang in there whatever your circumstances are. Don’t let things keep you down and cause you to fail yourself.

Lots of love and wishes for a great weekend,



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