Warning….disclaimer…GOD is mentioned MANY times in this post :) By: Steph

I know we try and keep it light here. I prefer it that way, it just suits my personality well. I am not trying to change that but, every once in a while a subject will come up that is something one or both of us can’t really joke about. I am pretty sure we warned you up front that our opinions would vary and that we have two different points of view. I read Clint’s post about the 12 steps of O.A. and I appreciate his take on them. I have researched O.A. and realized it wasn’t for me, in the past. However unlike Clint, I think that God plays a huge part in my weight loss. I am not “spiritual or religious” but, I am a believer in the Bible. I trust God and the truth of His message. I know that the turning point in my life was when I surrendered myself to Him in faith. There is no way I can do this weight loss thing or anything else for that matter without God leading me. I know that in my weakness, His strength is made perfect. I am nothing without His strength. This isn’t a popular stance, and it’s not meant to attract or deter anyone from reading our blog. It’s just part of who I am. So now and then, you are going to hear mention of God and what He chooses to do in my life. I’m not asking anyone to change who they feel they are or to accept my words as fact. I can only tell you what I know the truth is for me. I hope you keep an open mind and I will do the same.

To me these 12 steps seem fairly reasonable. After reading them again in Clint’s post, I realized I followed them unintentionally.

1) I know my weakness is food. It is my drug of choice and I used to run my life around it. I sought it, I hid it, I thought about it, it was my crack!

2) I made the decision to trust God with this and stop trying to do it all on my own.

3) When I allowed myself to realize God was in control and He could lead me out of this addiction, I finally had some peace.

4) Taking a moral inventory of myself was difficult, I made a lot of unpleasant discoveries about who I am or who I was.

5) I prayed and then spoke with my husband about the conclusions I had come to.

6) I SURRENDERED to God’s Will for me.

7) Prayed and still pray for Him to take away this thing that I had allowed to control (still do too often) me.

8) I came to the conclusion that I was allowing addiction to hurt my husband and children. I was putting food above my health and ability to be an active member of our family. I was slowly killing myself with food, right in front of the people I love most. I wasn’t wanting to go out and do things with my family. I wanted to hide away and eat. I was an excuse maker!

9) I told them I was sorry and that I was trying to change to be a better, healthier, mother and wife. That I wanted to set a better example by being a more active mother for my children and being a more affectionate, outgoing spouse.

10) Taking a person inventory and admitting when I’m wrong is still a work in progress, I still stumble and have to say I’m sorry. First to God and then to the people around me.

11) Making a conscious effort to put God’s Will first isn’t always my first instinct, this is a continuous effort. I pray for His will in my life and for the ability to follow where He is leading me.

12) I committed to being open about my struggles and the things I am asking God to do for me to overcome them. I will share my story with anyone desiring to hear it and never forget to praise God. This is a recent occurrence, I just admitted the truth of my wls this week. It wasn’t that I was ashamed of it. I was fearful of how people would react. I was struggling (I am struggling) with all the emotions that come with weight loss for me. I needed time to come to terms with some of this before I put it all out there for criticism and analysis by others.

I am not any better than anyone else because of my beliefs but, I am blessed that my eyes have been opened to them. I don’t feel superior or like I have the right to judge anyone for who they are and how they live. I make way too many of my own mistakes to judge another person.

Wow…God and weight loss surgery…can’t wait for the responses!



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