Friday Fun!


I love to goof around and be weird, many times just for the hell of it. I am going to start a weekly post that I will call “Friday Fun!” Today for no particular reason I will post a list of famous people who have food in their names. Enjoy!

Fiona Apple
Christina Applegate
Kevin Bacon
Warren Burger (Bill Clinton Administration)
Halle Berry
Chuck Berry
Drew Barrymore
John Candy
Mike Carp (A Bad Baseball Player)
Coco Chanel (Designer)
Coco Crisp (Baseball Player)
Dante Cullpepper (Former Minnesota Viking-Puke)
Rob Deer (Former Milwaukee Brewer)
Bob Dole (Politician)
Lawrence Fishborne
Mia Hamm (Soccer)
Heather Graham
Barbara Hershey (Actress)
Jack Lemon
Sugar Ray Leonard
Eve Plumb (Jan From Brady Bunch)
Jerry Rice
Darryl Strawberry (Former Baseball Player & recently on that Dr. Drew Show About Addiction)
Mike Trout (One of the best Baseball Players in the World)
Amy Winehouse (Singer, I know it is spelled wrong but it is fun Friday so get over it)

Ok that is my list. Feel free to add any you can think of in the comment. Bye. -Clint


One comment on “Friday Fun!

  1. hootfish says:

    This is why you’re so awesome Clint! You make me smile.. 😀



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