Besides hunger, what triggers you to eat? By: Steph

Some people have the attitude that weight loss surgery is a free ticket to easy weight loss. You can’t imagine how much I wish this was the truth. I would gladly sit on butt and nibble on protein delicately and sip my unsweetened, decaf, tea while melting away. However, in my opinion there is no magic ticket to Skinnyville. Before I decided on surgery, I lost and regained 100 pounds several times. If you’ve read previous posts, you understand that I struggled and went back to my comfort zone of eating my emotions into oblivion.

Yesterday my son’s asthma acted up pretty bad and I had to take him to the doctor. Hearing him cough was like an appetite stimulant. My nerves were raw because, of him being
“sick” and me not being able to help him. All I wanted to do was eat. No protein, no whole grains, no fruits and veggies, just carbs, blissful, soothing, lovely, empty, delicious, carbs that would take my anxiety away. Hmm…my surgeon must have forgotten to grab my emotional eating organ while he was in there removing my tummy.

When I’m happy I want to eat, when I’m anxious I want to eat, when I’m sad I want to eat, when I’m lonely I want to eat, when the kids don’t leave me alone I want to eat! Nothing has changed except for the amount I can eat all at once. I could easily snack on bad foods all day like I used to. My calories could be through the roof and I could become sedentary again. This journey is full of choices for me and every other person who struggles with food out there, wls patient or not. Some will make it and some will fall back into old habits. I pray I am one of the former. That is no different than everyone else out there struggling to be in a smaller, healthier body. We’re the same, we’re a family of people who understand how incredibly hard it is to kick the mindless eating habit. Food is good, it’s comforting but, it’s also an addiction for me. No surgery will ever take that away from any of us.

I don’t want any of you to get the impression that I think everyone should embrace weight loss surgery. People all need to find their own path. Just remember, that none of us should judge anyone else’s choice. We all need the same support and encouragement because, we are all trying to attain the same thing. A normal relationship with food.


P.S. Today I want to eat because, my son is ready to drive me bananas. Why did I keep him home from school today and how on earth does a kid bounce back to full power so quickly??? Could you please pass the Valium and maybe a muffin??? Wait on second thought chase me away from the muffins that way at least if I get one I’ll also have some cardio done.


2 comments on “Besides hunger, what triggers you to eat? By: Steph

  1. Karen says:

    I totally agree, this is no easy option. I found that I’d eat so much in the evenings when I was alone, where nobody could see me. And yep, carbs were my weapon of choice too. I could eat more in a few hours in front of the TV than I had all day.
    I’m hardly eating any carbs at the moment and feeling good about it. Hope you feel less stressed soon and good luck on your journey.
    Karen xx


    • hootfish says:

      Thank you Karen. I agree that the secret eating (alone eating) was a huge problem and carbs skyrocket the calories faster than I ever imagined. I am not sure I will feel less “stressed” anytime soon but, I will get a little better at coping with it, without turning to food. That’s what this is all about for me. I appreciate your comments 🙂



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