Steph’s Gone Wild!

let them eat cake

Yes that's me on the bottom!

Yes that’s me on the bottom!

This should come with a disclaimer because, I partied hard on Sunday afternoon and I don’t regret it a bit. I however feel the need to warn you that some pretty scandalous things happened! There was a fight, swinging on ropes, a whole lot of shaking going on and….wait for it….A CUPCAKE ENTERED THE GENERAL REGION OF MY MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!

My two youngest children had their joint birthday party (Yes we are umm… thrifty…parents and saved a few bucks by combining them.) Don’t comment and tell me how they will grow up traumatized because, they never knew the joy of a lavish solo birthday party. I have stunted their growth and emotional well being in way more horrible ways than this party! I have been known to make them clean up after themselves and take responsibility for their own actions. My poor kids don’t have a chance in the world!

Anyway, I digress…I learned something about myself on Sunday at that party. I am not nearly as flexible as I used to be, I like trampolines and I can run my caboose off and play with my children without calling 911 for oxygen! It was pretty spectacular if I do say so myself. I enjoyed the new and improved mom I have become. I chased, kids left and right. I ran down tumble tracks and jumped onto the mats. I bounced on the trampoline and had an amazing afternoon. The best part…my kids loved it! I learned that I am changing, not just on the outside but, on the inside. I realized I was ready to take a major step and I will reveal what that is, in a post or two I promise.

I am super mom able to wrestle 4 boys who smelled of armpit and pizza to the mat with no assistance. As you can see in the photo I strategically placed myself at the bottom of the pile to avoid any injury to myself πŸ˜› (OUCH)

I ate a made from scratch chocolate cupcake with homemade frosting…and I LOVED it! I have no regrets and I hope you all realize that you can have your weight loss and still live your life. It’s a cupcake people, celebrate with your family and then put it behind you. Mine is probably on my behind right now as a matter of fact! πŸ™‚ We can’t stop being normal people who eat, go out and have a treat now and then. If you can’t live your life enjoyably, in my opinion you are doing something wrong!

Enjoying life,

Ok upon further review I realize that the pic of me sucking a cupcake down makes it look like I’m hiding in a broom closet sneaking it! I pinky promise I was out in the open at the party eating publicly. I mean seriously who here would sneak food??? (SIGH)


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