A Healthy Fake Shake…………

The excellent Stephanie likes to talk about making good choices within the diet plan. It has been my habit of making these choices easier because I have had a very limited diet repertoire so far.

Pretty much chicken, stink-fish, vegetables, fruit, yogurt and an occasional whole grain tortilla thing-y. (oh and fake eggs with weird laughing cow cheese stuff)

I have been trying to expand that lately. I am getting sick of chicken. (apparently Vinny can read as he just gave me the stink-eye when I typed that) I have begun to explore the world of plant based recipes. On this weeks trip to the store I will be buying stuff for at least one recipe that fits that profile. I will be sure to share the winning choice and tell you if it sucked or not.

Speaking of choices I can’t decide if I like Newman’s own raspberry and walnut lite salad dressing or Paul Newman’s movie “Nobody’s Fool” more. They are both pretty damn good in my book.

Also let me tell you this ditty….I think I have concocted the finest smoothie thing ever. It is easy and yummy and it reminds me of an excellent shake so if you like sweet stuff but feel the need to give that junk up try this.

One Cup Original Silk Almond Milk (Put that in the blender first please)
1/2 Cup Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt
1 Chopped Banana
5 Ice Cubes (Makes it Shake-Like)

Blend the crap out of it and then drink….Enjoy!



One comment on “A Healthy Fake Shake…………

  1. Stephanie says:

    Smoothie sounds yum! Throw some berries in there and bring it over! We can sit in the backyard and get a suntan while we chat! šŸ˜‰


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