Clint:Before & During Pictures………


Hi there. I finally took the time to try and add a before and during picture.

I have been doing a fair amount of living inside my head recently and have made some adjustments to my outlook. When I embarked on this thing-y I intended to go until I reached 225 pounds. I really hadn’t thought out the next part but 225 seemed correct. The smart BMI people say I would still be fat though. What is the point of that? That chart seems somewhat random but there must be some science to it correct? After all it is on the internet.

Al Gore has standards does he not?

I have since adjusted my goal to 199 pounds. I am 6’2-ish. Seems healthy and about right. As much as I try to keep in mind that the scale is only an indicator of heading in the correct direction it is also nice to consider progress in those terms.

I have lost 250.6 pounds. I am proud of that to a point. I love that I have reached the point where there is no turning back. I simply now must reach my goals or I am a huge idiot. No one could put in this effort and not see it through. Right?

I also like the obvious improvements in health. I feel better and can do many more things from a physical standpoint.

If you want to know the real satisfaction I have gotten so far I will tell you. (even if you do not I am still going to tell you) The habitual changes I have made.

I used to wake up and figure out ways to not have to do anything physical. (sad but true) I was one of the world’s best excuse makers.

Hey Clint would you like to bla bla bla? No, I need to umm ahhhh watch the Golden Girls marathon on the USA network. Those ladies are hilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarious!

These days if I do not do some type of exercise I kind of feel off physically. At the very minimum I like to drag the dog Vinny around town for at least an hour. I am not sure I ever dreamed of a time when I would consider actual physical movement as anything more than a pain in the ass.

And that is a hell of a feeling when you actually have a hunger to move it or lose it.

Now I just need to get Vinny a little more on board with the program. He always comes with me and he always acts like he wants to. (at the beginning of the walk) Watching him pretend to be too tired to continue is a little bit charming. (when he hurled himself into a snow bank last night and fake breathed heavy that was downright chuckle worthy) I will measure real success in our lifestyle change when he enjoys it as much as I do.

I also would like to thank the excellent Stephanie for teaching me proper pose etiquette. I think the “perfect pose” really helps me highlight my exceptional blue socks.


One comment on “Clint:Before & During Pictures………

  1. Stephanie says:

    You have come such a long way and you’re incredibly frustrating….I mean dedicated 🙂 I’m so excited for your continued success!
    Hugs & obscure lyrics,



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