This week in a nutcase…I mean nutshell! By: Steph

mfpThis pic btw is shockingly me with a little tan! I do not slather myself in baby oil, I do wear sunscreen but, I also appreciate a healthy glow to my pasty complexion! The pose (that my buddy Clint tried to steal) is how my teenage daughter insists I stand for all pictures because apparently I look “So awkward!” in every other pose I have ever taken a picture with. I’m a sucker for her teenage charm so, I hope you soon become familiar with my signature pose!

Hi All, I am letting you know I’m pretty much kicking some booty on my eating this week. I forget how fast carb calories add up and how little they FILL you up. Actually my brain remembers but, my taste buds chat with my hands when I’m sleeping and they sneak attack me the next morning! Conniving little things those hands and buds!

So all my planning and prep made me realize something….I’m way too random to stick to planned meals and prepped foods πŸ™‚ I made those lovely Chicken Teriyaki bowls and ended up freezing 3 of the 5 because, you know what? Delicious as they were I wanted anything, besides what was already cooked. Still, I made some great choices and kept my carbs in line (not NO carbs probably not even LOW carbs) by not eating the kids cereal as I poured it into the bowl (YOU KNOW YOU DO IT TOO PARENTS!) and keeping the crackers in a locked vault that I would need explosives to get into! Ok well maybe I just didn’t buy any crackers but, whatever the other way sounds much more cool.

Extra-Extra…Moms and Dads of the world, my eating healthy has changed my husband and children’s eating habits. They are by no means health food fanatics and neither am I but, they eat those cut up veggies and fruits I keep handy. Little changes but, they’ll add up if I can keep up with this, long enough for them to become second nature to the family.

Speaking of which I was told by my lovely counterpart Clint that, “Everyone is competitive even if they don’t think so.” I denied this vehemently when both he and my husband declared me, a bit competitive. You know what? They were so right! Clint put the idea of a challenge in my head and I jumped on board. Then I took it a step further and challenged my husband to get into it. He accepted! I have been trying to get him on board with my eating plan and lifestyle changes for a year and all it took was a competition! So, my hubby and I are doing a 10 week challenge that started on January 6th and ends sometime this month. We are seeing who can lose the biggest percentage of weight. (He will surely win because, I am at pretty much a standstill and he just started so weight is coming off well for him. I love how into this whole thing he is. He’s like a caveman…”Me win at all cost!!!” Well, tell ya what, he can drag me around by my hair and build me a fire all he wants if it keeps him healthy and here with me. I’m terrified of being left alone with these monsters…I mean our lovely children πŸ™‚

We took our husband/wife challenge to a new level by adding in the kids challenge. They will all earn a small gift card for participating if they stick with the whole challenge. Their deal is to choose 2 extra servings of fruits or veggies, above and beyond what is served to them. They also must add in a minimum of 20 minutes of activity at least 4 days a week. This is on top of the sports, school and church activities they participate in. They are honestly loving this and doing incredibly well. I am hoping to roll this 10 week challenge into another 10 week challenge and then another, and another, and another…you get my drift!

Where I live it is about 70 degrees currently so my husband handed me some cash and sent me on a Spring/Summer shopping spree last Saturday to “buy some clothes that fit”. It was a great day. I actually was able to wear some of them this week with the pretty weather. As a gal I must say that is an awesome feeling. New clothes and feeling good about yourself equals a very, berry, girly, giggly, feminine extravaganza! Not to mention that I’ve been sneaking out and sitting in the sunshine with my baby (new German Shepherd puppy) when my daycare kids are sleeping. I enjoy the sun and quiet so much.

Went out to Red Robin with the family for my younger daughter’s 10th birthday on Tuesday and I did fantastic even if I do say so myself. Every other meal was home cooked and healthy. I am proud of my choices and the dedication I showed this week. It feels amazing to be back on track and to realize the mistakes I was making and do something to change them.

Tonight was the Daddy Daughter dance and my husband took our younger daughter. They are regaling me with tales of the dance floor and their awesome moves. She was glowing when she walked in and her daddy was looking pretty happy too. I love the memories they made together tonight.

Our youngest is the only boy. He and I got down to some serious Skylander’s action and he schooled me in the art of the game. He even LET me win a battle and told me, “I’ll slow down for you anytime Mommy. I’d do anything for you!” Seriously had to hold back tears over a comment that he made during a video game. He didn’t even realize how sweet he was being. Love that little Wild Man!

Only thing missing was our oldest and she’s at work tonight. She looks beautiful earning her own money! It just gives me that special glow… I mean gives her a glow. πŸ˜›

Tomorrow is prep for a joint Sunday Birthday party for the two younger children. Should be nice and busy. Sunday is the big day and they are so excited you’d think we bought them an elephant! What??? Anybody can buy a pony!

I hope you all had an amazing week and learned a little something about yourself in the process. I am headed to bed where I will be shutting off my alarm and sleeping in tomorrow! Gotta love Saturday mornings and children old enough to make their own cereal and let the dog out! When I wake up it will be to take the Dancing Queen to her softball and gymnastics practices. I intend to get a walk in at the softball field and then exchange pertinent information with OKAY gossip with the other mommies at gymnastics until my hubby shows up πŸ™‚

Love and lighter dishes,


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