5oth Anniversary……….

Is it possible to be inspired by a somewhat common event? Yes I guess it is and it happened last night. I drove to the big city (Madison, Wi.) with my parents for dinner out to celebrate the 50th anniversary of my mommy and pops. We were meeting my sister and her rock star husband for a fine meal.

The joke was on us. When we arrived we found many of my brothers and sisters there for a surprise anniversary event. The night simply could not have been more perfect. (prostitution is not legal and I can’t eat chocolate) Well in retrospect my live far away brothers and sister not in attendance would have added to the excellence.

Things were fairly surreal. My lovely and crabby mommy was happy and smiling non stop. She even played along with the jokes and shenanigans. My pops who is funny in spurts was charming and funny for three hours continuously.
He even did an impromptu 5 minutes of sit at the table comedy to end the fest.

My sister who is the “family planner” had all the right things in place including a sweet cowboy hat tagged “groom” and mommy had this delightful white hat thing with a veil labeled “bride.”

All the kings horses and all the kings men were nice and interactive and just enjoying the shit out of each other and the moment we were living.

My nephew “Pork Chop” even showed for the shin dig! Beat that!!!

How inspired you may ask? Enjoying life and wanting more of it is how………..

I did step out of my “health realm” and even ate a little naughty food. The spinach ravioli’s were magnificent! Just most of a serving and a little salad with this raspberry stuff poured on in moderation.

I passed on the excellent wedding cupcakes. Had fun watching pops destoy his though………………good stuff!-Clint


One comment on “5oth Anniversary……….

  1. Joe says:

    Yes, you can be inspired by a common event. Take me for instance. Last night the love of my life and I went out for dinner and drinks. My wife was smiling so big and having such a good time that I became lost in that moment. She inspires me to beco me a better man, better person all around. If we surround ourself with the right people, they inspire us to do great things. That’s how this country came to be, people inspiring others to achieve what they believe in.


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