Enjoy The Stink-Fish!

I admitted to being weird in a recent post. I meant it in a different from the obvious kind of way. Weird in a way that if I was driving on a country road and I saw county highway DD I would giggle even though I am 42 years old. Not weird like the crazy uncle who has a litter box in his house and no cat.

Now that I cleared that up let’s talk about fish. Also known in my personal friendly group as stink-fish. Stink fish is becoming a go to in my weekly menu. I have always eaten it but until recent times I did not think I really liked it. What I liked was all the tarter sauce crap I slam dunked on top up it.

When forced to give that up due to my lifestyle change I was only eating the fish for health reasons. Not much enjoyment involved in those dietary transactions at all. A few weeks back I went Alexander Graham Bell on the situation and “invented” a tarter sauce substitute with health in mind.

The winning recipe revealed itself when I jammed one of those little, tasty mandarin orange “cuties” into a smoothie making blender thing and splashed a little sriracha hot sauce in it. That stuff is pretty tasty.

Yup, another free tip!





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