The invention of Sweet Potato Fries

I was going to wait a while to reveal that I have a good amount of weirdo in me. No use being one though if you can’t act like one. I love sweet potatoes! Never did before. Probably had only eat 2 or 3 in my life until 6 months ago. I just didn’t like them. Tasted kind of yucky. Then I read of the nutritional value and decided to experiment with them.

I like to use the word invented in a pretty liberal manner. I invented healthy sweet potato French fries…..cough cough.

Slice one of them babies up in a French fry looking manner. Spray that no calorie cooking stuff on them. Season them with wonderfully excellent Mrs. Dash seasoning stuff of your choice. Bake them puppies for 30 minutes at 350 and rotate once.

If you do not like them that is fine as I do not discriminate against people for having poor taste. I doubt that will be your conclusion though.



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