Clint navigates weight loss

Hello there. I have been on this program now for roughly 30 months. I can say I am now a completely different person. My disease consisted primarily because of lack of knowledge of nutrition and complete disregard for it. I can’t prove it but I will speculate that my lifestyle change impacted the U.S. stock market. If you have not yet sold your McDonald’s stock I suggest you get with it.

Can you tell me where the post office is? Sure, take a left at the Burger King go three lights past the Pizza Hut (wave to Michelle as you pass by she is very nice) take a right at the Red Robin. It is right across from the George Webb on the corner. My point is I tended to navigate my life as dictated by fast food.

That has changed. I would like to thank google.

I spend much of my down time reading and becoming obsessed. My current dietary habits are bland in the eyes of most. I am evolving the plan little by little and adding a twist and or an idea here and there. My suggestion if you are looking to make some personal changes would be to not hook into something someone else is doing but rather find a concept you believe you can live with and find your personal touch within it.

My latest obsession (there are many) are nuts. (yea I said it) I read last week that walnuts if added as a couple handfuls per week can decrease your chance of heart disease 15-51%. (Book on 14 Super-Foods by Steven Pratt M.D.) I have eaten walnuts and they taste healthy so I buy it. Plus dude went to school for a long time and he looks honest. I will be adding a handful to a smoothie a few times a week after my next trip to the store. I like my heart. Seems worth the effort.

Personally I think biking super hero Lance Armstrong is a douche. I will however use his health website though because it has excellent information. Almonds are another great health option. Today I read this ditty on there. You should soak your raw organic almonds in water the day before you consume them as it release “healthy stuff.” (my speculation or me not being able to explain it) Try google for a better explanation. Google is pretty great if you are not familiar. I think that company is going to make it. -Clint


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